Wok Hey (Velocity @ Novena Square) – Stir-Fried Rice and Noodles

Wok Hey 1

Wok hey, which can be loosely translated to “breathe of the wok”, is what all wok masters aspire to achieve. It is the telltale sign that distinguishes wok masters from other mediocre zi char stalls.

Wok Hey 2

From a single takeaway kiosk at the basement of Bugis Junction, Wok Hey has become a new favorite of Singaporean especially during this circuit-breaker period where only delivery and takeaways are available. 

Foodpanda’s pick-up option allows me to place my order beforehand and pick up my meal when it is done, skipping the long waiting times. You can even save 20% on pick-up! 

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Wok Hey’s simple menu makes it easy for even decidophobias. There are just two noodles and 2 rice dishes to choose from – Egg Fried Rice, Shanghai Fried Rice, Fresh Ramen, Fresh Udon with either Grilled Chicken, Grilled Beef or Seasoned Prawns.

Wok Hey 4

This is Egg Fried Rice with Grilled Chicken [S$5.80]. Although the fried rice is still not as good as Din Tai Fung’s, it is still flavorful with bits of egg in every bite and the wonderful wok hei.

I made a mistake with the topping. The grilled chicken is rubbery and tasteless. On hindsight, I should have ordered the plain Egg Fried Rice [S$5] and top-up S$1 for Sous Vide Egg. 

Wok Hey 5

Learning from my mistake, I ordered the plain Shanghai Fried Rice [S$5.50] and topped-up S$1 for a Sous Vide Egg. The fried rice itself is flavorful with the additional of dark soy sauce which gives it a darker color and fragrance. Mix it up with the runny egg and it feels like I am eating Chinese-style donburi. Delicious!

Wok Hey 6

Fresh Ramen with Grilled Beef [S$7.80] is the one I like the least among the four. When the menu says “fresh ramen”, I expected whitish noodles like the ones I had at Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King. It turned out to be yellow noodles commonly found in fish ball noodles. I can’t stand the pungent yeast smell of the noodles. The grilled beef slices are not as rubbery as my colleague led me to believe but I have had much better ones at   .

Wok Hey 7

I am not a big fan of udon but I was pleasantly surprised how well Fresh Udon with Seasoned Prawns [S$7.80] turned out. The dark soy sauce and wok hei gave the udon a nice sweet and charred taste and the prawns are juicy and crunchy. This is my favorite of the four. 

Wok Hey has a special item for Foodpanda customers – Black Pepper Fried Rice. Black pepper is too spicy for me stomach so I shall leave it for when I am feeling adventurous. I recommend getting the plain Black Pepper Fried Rice [S$6] and top-up with a Sous Vide Egg [S$1].

Wok Hey (Velocity @ Novena Square) 

Address: 238 Thomson Road, Velocity @ Novena Square #01-23, Singapore 607283

Opening Hours: Daily 11am – 10pm 



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