Fujiyama Dragon Curry – New Hiroshima Curry Restaurant in Orchid Hotel

Fujiyama Dragon Curry
I would like to thank Fujiyama Dragon Curry for inviting me to attend the grand opening of Fijiyama Dragon Curry’s first outlet at Orchid Hotel. 
Fujiyama Dragon Curry

Fujiyama Dragon Curry

Fujiyama Dragon Curry
Fujiyama Dragon Curry originated in Hiroshima and now this Japanese curry restaurant can be found at the basement of Orchid Hotel, besides a few of my favourite restaurants such as Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King and Gyoza King. 
Fujiyama Dragon Curry - Menu

Fujiyama Dragon Curry - Multi Grain Rice

Step 1: Customize your topping or choose from one of the following: Cheese Curry [$15.70], All Topping Wild Curry [$19.70], Garlic Pork Belly Curry [$15.70], Breaded Deep Fried Pork Curry [$16.70], Garlic Pork Belly with Cheese Curry [$18.70], Fujiyama Dragon Curry [$12.70] or Deep Fried Chicken Curry [$15.70]. 
Step 2: Choose the spiciness level (the “spicy” is only mildly spicy). 
Step 3: Decide on the size of your rice: regular or upsize. You can also opt to change your white rice into multi grain rice. The multi grain rice is made up of 16 Japanese grains and it is rich in dietary fibre, vitamin e and protein. 
Fujiyama Dragon Curry - Cheese Curry
Cheese Curry [$15.70] is of the most popular item, as according to the staff who attended to us. Onsen egg and juicy pork patty piles on top of the Japanese rice, surrounded by curry and held together by the melted cheese. I find the curry too salty, so much so that it overpowers everything else in the dish and all I can taste are the spices from the curry.
Fujiyama Dragon Curry - Garlic Pork belly Curry

Garlic Pork Belly Curry [$15.70] is another popular item on the menu with tender pieces of pork belly that has been well-marinated with garlic and their own secret recipe before being cooked so the pork belly retains all the juiciness. The pork belly is perfect on its own, but if eaten together with the curry, the saltiness of the curry spoils the flavour
Fujiyama Dragon Curry - All Topping Wild Curry
For those of you who want the full works should go for All Topping Wild Curry [$19.70] where you get a big piece of deep-fried pork katsu, deep-fried shrimp, garlic pork belly, deep-fried chicken and minced pork. The ingredients are well-cooked, but once again the curry spoils the taste by being too salty. 
Fujiyama Dragon Curry

Fujiyama Dragon Curry
You can pour Paitan Soup over remaining curry and enjoy curry porridge. 
Fujiyama Dragon Curry

Japanese curry tends to be milder in flavour, Fujiyama Dragon Curry’s curry leans more towards the Indian style of curry which has a more robust flavour

I would like to thank Fujiyama Dragon Curry for inviting to be one of the first people to try their curry, but I think there is still much room for improvement when it comes to their curry. At the moment, Monster Curry (Suntec City)’s demi-glace curry is still my favourite curry.

Currently, Fujiyama Dragon Curry only accepts cash payment. 

Fujiyama Dragon Curry
Address: 1 Tras Link, Orchid Hotel #01-03, Singapore 078867
Telephone: 64449264
Opening Hours: Daily 11.30am – 3pm; 6pm – 9.30pm

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