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Tottori Night at Japan Rail Cafe

Tottori Night

I would like to thank J Passport for inviting me to attend Tottori Night, a program that is jointly organized by Tottori Prefectual Government Tourism and Japan Rail Cafe. 
Tottori Night - Japan Rail Cafe
Thank you Japan Rail Cafe for providing the venue for this wonderful event. Japan Rail Cafe brings you the latest on travel and information about Japan. There are delicious foods, the retail section where you can buy Japanese souvenirs and workshops conducted by native Japanese. Please visit Japan Rail Cafe’s website for more information. 
Tottori Night - Tottori Kani Chirashi Don
Japan Rail Cafe publishes a monthly newsletter that also serves as its menu and the Region of The Month is none other than Sai’in (Tottori and Shimane). I have attached a copy of the Guide Map for Route Romantique Sai’in (English) which shows all the best attractions in the Sai’in region (which consists of the Shimane and Tottori prefectures). 
I ordered the Tottori Kani Chirashi Don where the sweet tamago, diced cucumber, ikura (fish roe) and kinpira (sautéed lotus roots) brings out the freshness and sweetness of the Matsuba Kani (Tottori Crab). 
Tottori Night - Misa Miyagawa
Our host, Misa Miyagawa, is the Ambassador of Tottori Prefectural Government Tourism. She did a wonderful job of introducing Tottori to us and making the event lively. She looks so cute with the crab hat, don’t you think?
Tottori Prefecture is located in the Chugoku region and Tottori is the capital. Tottori is the least populated prefecture in Japan. Tottori is famous for the Tottori Sand Dunes, Matsuba Kani (“Kani” means “crab” in Japanese) (Tottori exports more than 9500 tonnes of crabs a year), Nijisseiki Pear (which means “20th Century Pear”),  Pink Curry and Umesake Nokyo (Nokyo Plum Wine). 
Tottori Night - Pink Curry
Tottori Night - Pink Curry
Pink Curry is a speciality of Tottori that can only be found in Tottori. The pink colour comes from beetroot. It may look a little weird, but you will be surprised by the fragrant curry taste when you eat it. 
Tottori Night - Umesake Nokyo
Tottori Night - Umesake Nokyo
Tottori’s unique geological location makes it the perfect place to grow Nokyo Bungo (Wild Flower Bungo). This special variety of plum is only produced around the Yurihana town in Nokyo district. When it is ripe,  Nokyo Bungo measures 5-6cm in diameter and it is as big as a chicken egg. Nokyo Bungo is used together with sake to make plum wine which contains organic acids such as malic acid and citric acid. Umesake Nokyo (Nokyo Plum Wine) can be enjoyed both chilled or warmed up (40-50 degree Celsius), becoming more delicious as it matures over time. Spica International Trading Pte. Ltd. is the only company in Singapore that carries Umesake Nokyo. Please contact them for purchase: 
Spica International Trading Pte. Ltd. 
1 Coleman Street #05-03A The Adelphi Singapore 179803
Telephone: +65 69085145
Fax: +65 68838153
Tottori Night - Nijisseiki Pear
Nijisseiki Pear (which means “20th Century Pear”) is another speciality of Tottori Prefecture. The brown-coloured pear is round in shape and bigger than other pears. It is extremely sweet and juicy.
Tottori Night - Toripy
Tottori Night - Toripy
This is Toripy and it is the mascot of Tottori Prefecture. Isn’t it cute? 
Tottori Night - Quiz Winner
Tottori Night - Matsuba Kani
There was a simple quiz at the end of the slide presentation with prizes such as Pink Curry, Nijisseiki Pear and Matsuba Kani. The questions are pretty simple so most of the participants got it correct. All those with correct answers will play scissors-paper-stone with the host, Misa Miyagawa until there is only one winner. I was very lucky to be the winner of the last question and I was awarded 5 frozen Matsuba Kani that has been air-flown into Singapore especially for this event. The crabs are so delicious, the tender flesh is sweet and juicy! 
I had such a great time at Tottori Night! I would like to thank the Japan Rail Cafe and Tottori Prefecture Government Tourism for hosting such a wonderful event. It was both fun and enriching. I hope more such activities can be held in Singapore to let Singaporeans such as myself learn more about the different prefectures in Japan. 
You can find out more information about Tottori Prefecture on J Passport’s Tottori page. 
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