Gagahoho Ox-Tail Soup – Authentic Korean Restaurant

I chanced upon a TikTok video recommending Gagahoho Ox-Tail Soup. I was curious about the Korean version of oxtail soup so I decided to try out it out.

Gagahoho Ox-Tail Soup - Restaurant Front

The entrance of Gagahoho Ox-Tail Soup is located to the right of Hao Lai Wu Steamboat BBQ. It’s a tiny restaurant beautifully decorated with hanging cherry blossoms from the ceiling.

The Food

Gagahoho Ox-Tail Soup - Menu

Gagahoho Ox-Tail Soup only offers 13 items on its menu, even the most indecisive people should have no problem ordering.

Gagahoho Ox-Tail Soup - Seoul Beef Soup

Oxtail soup is known as Seoul Beef Soup [S$15.90] is not as good as the TikTok video make it out to be. It is pretty bland with slices of beef instead of oxtail bones. There is also Beef Soup Banmian [S$15.90] if you want to make it into a meal.

Gagahoho Ox-Tail Soup - Boiled Pork Slices

I have been dying to try Boiled Pork Slices [S$36] after watching so many mukbang videos on YouTube. The pork slices are boiled and simply garnished with white sesame seeds. The accompanying condiments include spring onions, green chillies, gochujang and fresh lettuce. You can either wrap the pork slices in lettuce with your choice of condiments or eat them on their own, they are delicious either way.

Gagahoho Ox-Tail Soup - Pork Bibimb Bob

Carbohydrate-lovers will enjoy the Pork Bibim Bob [S$12.90]. Give everything a good mix and enjoy the explosion of flavors in your mouth.

Gagahoho Ox-Tail Soup - Egg Roll

Nothing special about the Egg Roll [S$9.90], just your regular egg roll.

Gagahoho Ox-Tail Soup - Sppicy Sea Snails Salad with Noodles

I let curiosity get the better of me and ordered Spicy Sea Snail Salad with Noodles [S$36] and I really regretted it. It was so spicy, all I could taste was the gochujang, the sea snails taste like they came straight of a can.

Gagahoho Ox-Tail Soup - Squid Leek Pancake

Squid Leek Pancake [S$19] is deep-fried, the first bite is nice, after that it becomes too oily. The fresh cabbage kimchi is perfect for cutting through all that oiliness.

Gagahoho Ox-Tail Soup - Featured Image

Gagahoho Ox-Tail Soup

Address: 175 Bencoolen Street, Burlington Square #01-57A, Singapore 189649

Telephone: 65184157

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