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Gelare (Suntec City) – A Total Disappointment

It’s lunch-time and I am craving for some real food – food that is cooked upon order and does not come out of a plastic bag. I know there is a Gelare has opened an outlet in Suntec and they serve All-Day Breakfast, I decided to try my luck there. 

They were out of pancakes, so I ordered Waffle & Eggs
Waffle & Eggs does not look like anything I expected. The waffles are light and airy, which is good if you are looking for something light, but I still feel that it should be more filling since this is supposed to be a meal. 
I suspect the scrambled eggs are cooked with water because I spy a few water droplets under the scrambled eggs (how in the world do you cook scrambled eggs with water?!).  The scrambled eggs taste oddly slightly sweet, I wouldn’t be surprised if they mistakenly put sugar in the eggs instead of salt.
The “best” part of the meal is still the cup of maple syrup. There is no consistency in taste in the dish. The sweetness of the maple syrup will overpower the scrambled eggs completely. I ended up eating the waffles plain.

There are many ice-cream flavours to go with your waffles, but only the ticked ones are available.

If I were asked to use two words to sum up Classic Waffle, they will be “bare” and “boring”.  Just a scoop of ice-cream on waffles, can’t they at least drizzle a bit of chocolate syrup or pour the maple syrup over the ice-cream instead of putting it on the waffles?
The Pistachio ice-cream tastes like a very sweet version of vanilla ice-cream.  

A picture of the ice-cream display to cheer me up after an unsatisfying lunch. 
This is just about the worst meal I ever had. I swear I shall never have anything other waffles and ice-cream at Gelare, and I am not even quite sure if the waffles and ice-cream are worth my money.
Perhaps Gelare should stick to what it’s supposed to be – a desert place, and not venture into unknown territories with half-hearted enthusiasm that is clearly evident through its food.
Please find the addresses and opening hours of all 8 Gelare outlets here.

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