Sunny Korean Cuisine – Cheap Korean Food In The West

If you are looking for cheap Korean food, Sunny Korean Cuisine is a choice to consider. Conveniently located at West Coast Plaza (formerly Ginza Plaza), this small Korean restaurants boasts all the Korean classic dishes such as Bibimbap, Ramen and Kimchi Fried Rice at very economical prices.

Saba Set arrives at my table sizzling hot. Granted, the presentation is not very pretty with pieces of cabbage lining the hotplate, but it’s not common to be served the entire half-fish, normally they just give you a small piece. This is definitely value-for-money.
Hot Stone Bibimbap is cooked upon order. Nothing fancy but it looks comforting.  Everything is fresh, it tastes excellent when mixed well.

The kimchi and anchovies looks pathetic, both in appearance and taste.

Soup is normal miso soup, nothing to comment.
Sunny Korean Cuisine is definitely the best Korean restaurant, but it is a very good choice if you are looking for an affordable and delicious meal that will not leave you broke.  No GST and No Service Change in this restaurant, too!
Sunny Korean Cuisine
Address: 154 West Coast Road, West Coast Plaza #B1-08

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You're right, those banchan sides do look a bit sad. I think it's kinda weird they are serving miso soup also, haha.. Don't think I ever seen that in a Korean restaurant. Have you ever had soondubu? It's probably my #1 favorite Korean dish. Served with the perfect steamed rice it's the ultimate comfort food.

I totally agree with what you say! I can't really take spicy food because my stomach can't really take it (I get diarrhoea whenever I take spicy food), but I would love it give that dish a try though, just make sure I have a jug of icy water on standby … hah

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