Greenhouse – Forest-Themed International Buffet

I have always stayed in the western side of Singapore, Changi seems like a world away. If not for my colleague, I probably would never have visited Greenhouse in Dusit Thani Laguna.

Greenhouse - Restauant Front

Greenhouse is one of the many dining establishments at Dusit Thani Laguana, a luxury golf resort in Changi. It is located within the grounds of the acclaimed Laguana National Resort Club which was the first golf club to hostTiger Woods.

Greenhouse – Design

Greenhouse - Seating Area

Stepping into Greenhouse is like stepping into an air-conditioned forest. Tables are separated with rows of plants, there are plants hanging from the ceiling with dangling leaves. Ratten baskets covers the lamps and pillars, giving the place a rustic charm.

Greenhouse - Window Seats

The best seats are those along the dome-shaped widows supported by triangular-shaped steel structure that gives you a picturesque view of the Masters Course.

Greenhouse – The Food

I counted 5 show kitchens – Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Thai and Desserts but I saw a few other counters not yet in use. I think there’s supposed to be an Indian show kitchen which is not ready yet.

Greenhouse - Dim Sum

The Chinese show kitchen serves a few cooked dishes and freshly-steamed dim sum. On the day I visited, there was siew mai, pork ribs, prawn dumplings (har gow) and chicken feet. The dim sum are flavourful, the chicken feet are so tender the meat were literally falling off the bones.

I like both of the two cooked dishes – Stewed Chicken with Bailing Mushroom and Wok Fried Slice Beef with Ginger and Onion but not so much for the soup.

Greenhouse - Japanese Plate

Japanese show kitchen offers a few varieties of nigiri sushi and sushi rolls. There are also cold salads salads and freshly-cut tuna sashimi served on individual small plates.

Greenhouse - Italian Plate

At the Italian show kitchen, the chef will cook the pasta according to your taste. You can choose your pasta, sauce and ingredients and the chef will cook it on the spot for you. There are also two choices of pizza to choose from.

Greenhouse - Salad

Next to the Italian show kitchen, there is a small Salad station where you can create your own salad with different greens, ingredients and dressings.

Greenhouse - Thai Plate

At the Thai show kitchen, there are small plates of yum mamuang (spicy green mango salad), nam tok moo (pork jowl salad). The tom yum soup here is supposed to be really good but I didn’t drink it as I can’t take spicy food.

Greenhouse - Bread

There is also a small Bread station where you can get bread rolls, bread sticks and pita breads with butter and jam.

Greenhouse - Drinks

Next to the exit, there is a Beverage station where you can get teas and coffee.

Greenhouse - Dessert Plate

Last but not least, is my favorite Desserts station. There are four different types of cakes, macaroon and tarts as well as chocolate mousse in cups. Next to the cakes are fresh fruits such as watermelon, papaya and pineapple.


Greenhouse does not have a wide selection of dishes as compared to other buffets such as Triple Three and Rise Restaurant but the serene and beautiful decor more than makes up for it.


Address: 11 Laguna Golf Green, Singapore 488047

Telephone: 63216726

Opening Hours: Daily 12pm – 9.30pm


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