Gyu & Tori – Chicken and Beef Specialist in Paragon Basement


Sometimes, having too much choice may not be a good thing after all. Having too many choices can make it hard to make a decision.


That is exactly how I feel about the varied food options in Paragon basement. There are so many great choices, I am at a loss of what I should eat. 


Gyu & Tori - Stall Front


If you are ever like me, let me introduce to you Gyu & Tori, a small Japanese-inspired rotisserie stall opposite Famous Amos. This stall specializes in two main ingredients, gyu (beef) and tori (chicken). 


Gyu & Tori - Menu 1

Gyu & Tori - Menu 2


The menu is pretty straightforward. The chicken menu is on one side and beef menu on the other side. 


Gyu & Tori - Half Chicken


The chicken has such a beautiful name – Sakura Rotisserie – although I don’t taste any sakura. You can buy Quarter (with 1 side) [S$8.90], Half (with 2 sides) [S$16.90] or Whole (with 3 sides) [S$29.90] Sakura Rotisserie.


There are 10 yummy sides to choose from: Japanese Rice, Garlic Fried Rice (+S$1), Sweet Potato, Honey Mustard Potato, Zaru Soba, Tomato Pasta, Mac & Cheese, Broccoli & Shiitake, Mixed Salad and Edamame Udon. 


You can choose from three different gravy to go with your chicken – Gourmet Gravy, Spicy Piri Piri and Hokkaido Cream of Mushroom. 


There is also Savory Chicken Stew with potatoes and carrots [S$8.90]. 


Gyu & Tori - Australian Wagyu


You get to choose your choice of beef when ordering Wagyu Sukiyaki Don which determines how much your don  will cost. The cheapest is Australian Wagyu [S$9.90], followed by Miyazaki Wagyu [S$15.90]. The premium Karubi Truffle [S$21.90] and Karubi Mentaiko [S$21.90] are the most expensive. 


Gyu & Tori - Wagyu Stew


I have been eyeing the Wagyu Stew [S$13.30] ever since I saw its saliva-inducing picture at the cashier, but I was disappointed with what I got. The wagyu has been cooked in red wine sauce which gives it a robust and hearty taste. However, Gyu & Tori should really consider cutting out the fats before cooking the wagyu. 



Gourmet Ribeye Steak Sandwich [S$15.90] is grilled-upon-order ribeye steak sandwiched between two pieces of white toast and drizzled with goma sauce. I ordered my steak to be medium-rare which might be a little too raw. I had problem tearing the steak, using fork and knife to cut up the sandwich might be a better idea. 

Gyu & Tori 

Address: 290 Orchard Road, Paragon B1-K26, Singapore 238859

Telephone: 97227545

Opening Hours: Daily 10am – 10pm

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