Gerry’s Grill – Filipino Restaurant at Starhub Centre


Singapore is truly a melting pot of many different cultures and cuisines. There are Chinese, Western, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Italian and many other exotic cuisines in Singapore. 


Gerrys Grill - Restaurant Front 1


Gerry’s Grill serves Filipino food, a cuisine I have yet had the chance to try.   Thank you to my Filipino colleagues for introducing me to Filipino food. 


Gerrys Grill - Interior

Gerrys Grill - Outside Seating


Gerry’s Grill is apparently quite popular, it is available in the Philippines, United States of America, Qatar and Emirates. 


Let me introduce to you some of the more popular Filipino dishes. The name of the dishes may vary slightly from restaurant to restaurant, but at least you will know what to order at a Filipino restaurant. 


Gerrys Grill - Chichabits


Chichabits [S$7.95] is the Philippine name for  the fried pork skin that the Philippines is famous for. It is super crispy and sinfully-tasty. Gerry’s Grill’s version has bits of meat attached to the skin, which makes it even tastier. 


Gerrys Grill - Singang Na Bangus Belly


Sinigang Na Baboy [S$11.45] is a popular traditional Filipino pork soup. It has a distinctive sour broth from the use of tamarind. There are pieces of pork belly with a variety of vegetables. 


Gerrys Grill - Chopsuey


Judging from the menu, Filipinos are not very fond of vegetables. Chopsuey [S$8.45] is one of the few vegetable dishes available. Pork slices is stir-fried with mixed vegetables and prawns in a starched gravy. 


Gerrys Grill - Sizzling Sisig


Sizzling Sisig [S$11.95] is a kapampangan dish of chopped pork cheeks  sautéed with garlic and onions. Served with an egg on a hot plate, it is slightly tangy thanks to the use of calamansi. 


Gerrys Grill - Crispy Pata


“Pata” means “pork knuckles” in Philippines, so Crispy Pata [S$25.95] means crispy pork knuckles. This is different from the German pork knuckles which is roasted, the Philippines version is deep fried till crispy. 


Gerrys Grill - Inihaw Na Pusit


The grilled squid, Inihaw Na Pusit [S$16.95], is tender and juicy. Basked with barbecue sauce, there is a mild sweetness with a nice smokey charredness. 


Gerrys Grill - Inihaw Na Liempo


Inihaw Na Liempo [S$12.95] is roasted pork belly. The roasting has dried-up most of the fats, leaving behind meat that is slightly chewy with a touch of smokiness. 


Gerrys Grill - Pork Barbecue


If you want to order something from the char-grilled menu but don’t know what to order, Pork Barbecue [S$9.95 for 2 sticks] is your safest bet. They are like huge satays, but with pork instead of chicken, lamb or beef.  The pork skewers are glazed with barbecue sauce that gives them a slight sweetness. 


Gerrys Grill - Sizzling Bangus Ala Pobre


“Bangus” means “milkfish” in the Philippines, a fish commonly found in the Philippines and other parts of Southeast Asia. Sizzling Bangus Ala Pobre [S$12.95] is the version where the milkfish is cooked on a hot plate. The meat is tender and soft, but there are a lot of small bones in this fish, so be careful. 


Gerrys Grill - Pancit Palabok


“Pancit” means “noodles in Philippines and Pancit Balabok [S$8.45] is a Filipino noodle dish in shrimp gravy. It is usually topped with shrimp, smoked fish flakes, pork cracklings and hard-boiled eggs. 


Gerrys Grill - Halo-Halo

Gerrys Grill - Mais Con Hielo


Halo-Halo [S$5.45] and Mais Con Hielo [S$5.44] are popular Filipino cold desserts of crushed ice, evaporated milk and a variety of ingredients. Halo-Halo has more ingredient such as ube, sweetened beans, coconut julienes, sago, gulaman and many others. Mais Con Hielo is a mixture of shaved ice, corn kernels, sugar and milk. Both of these desserts are topped with a scoop of ice-cream for additional indulgence. 


Gerrys Grill - Leche Flan


Leche Flan [S$3.95] is very popular in the Philippines and many other countries around the world. It is the Filipino version of French creme caramel. This egg custard dessert is made by baking a layer of caramel at the base of the custard mold. It is served chilled and it’s rich creamy taste makes it very memorable. 


Gerrys Grill - Buko Pandan


Buko Pandan [S$5.45] is a traditional Filipino dessert made with agar-agar, coconut strips, pearls, evaporated milk and condensed milk. It looks really green but the sweet and creamy taste is interesting. 


Gerry’s Grill

Address: No. 51 Cuppage Road, Starhub Centre, Singapore 299469

Telephone: 67201412

Opening Hours: Daily 12-10pm


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