Gyoza King: Tonkotsu King Goyza – One Of The Best Gyoza In Singapore

After trying Tonkotsu Ramen Special at Tonkotsu King, I couldn’t wait to try out Keisuke Takeda’s other 5 speciality restaurants. Gyoza King is just a few restaurants away and it’s as popular as Tonkotsu King judging from the long queue. I am not really a fan of gyoza because I find them too oily, but I am ready to give Gyoza King a chance.

As with Tonkotsu King, please fill up the Order Form while waiting.

Japanese Order Form for is also available.
These are the condiments. There is flow-flow beansprouts here too.
Cabbage Pickle is something different from Tonkotsu King, but I find it rather bland and tasteless.
I felt that Miso Soup is too common so I opted for Vegetable Soup instead. It is clear and not too salty.
Japanese rice is soft and sticky, exactly as it should be. I ordered Rice Regular, but I really should have ordered Rice Extra Large. Soft and fragrant Japanese rice makes everything so much better.
Deep Fried White Fish In Tempura Sauce is a simple yet delicious dish. White fish is wrapped in batter and fried till golden and served with minced radish, eggplant and bell pepper. Although the white fish is deep fried, the tempura sauce neutralises the oil so it does not taste oily at all. The white fish is soft and tender. Bell pepper and eggplant is sweet and cooked just right.
Deep Fried Tofu With Minced Pork Gravy is also very tasty. Minced pork gravy is just salty enough to perfectly compliment the silky tofu that slips right down your throat. 
I ordered Tonkotsu King Gyoza
The skin is very thin, it turns slightly translucent when cooked.
The pork filling is very generous, filling up the whole gyoza.
The gyozas are not as oily as I thought they would be, the skin is very thin and slightly chewy. The taste of pork fills up your whole mouth after eating the gyozas but I am not particularly fond of pork. I will be back at least two more times to try Tori King Gyoza and Keisuke Gyoza and the other four side dishes.
NO SERVICE CHARGE and NO GST is charged in this restaurant. With gyoza this good, I don’t waiting even if the time can go up to more than an hour on weekends.
Gyoza King
Address: 1 Tras Link, #01-15 Orchid Hotel
Telephone: 6804 6674

Opening Hours: 11.30am – 2:30pm, 6:00pm – 10:30 pm (last order 10pm)

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