Ha-Jun Korean – Halal Run-of-the-Mill Korean Restaurant

Ha-Jun Korean - Restaurant Front

My colleagues and I were walking around Clementi Mall looking for lunch options when we chanced upon Ha-Jun Korean.

Ha-Jun Korean - Menu

There are 35 options on the menu and wallet-friendly prices drew us in. The best part about Ha-Jun Korean is that it is halal-certified. 

You make your selection and make payment at the cashier before taking a seat. Listen for your number to be called from the service counter at the left side of the cashier. My colleagues and I happened to seat next to the service counter.  The staff’s booming voice made us jump every time he called out order numbers. 

Ha-Jun Korean – The Food 

Ha-Jun Korean - Hot Plate Chicken

Hot Plate Chicken 铁板鸡肉 [S$6.50] arrives sizzling hot. The chicken pieces are tender but slightly salty. 

Ha-Jun Korean - Kimchi Beef Ramen

Kimchi Beef Ramen 泡菜牛肉拉面 [S$5.50] has the right amount of spiciness but not enough beef slices.

Ha-Jun Korean - Dolsot Bibimbap

You can’t go wrong with Dolsot Bibimbap 石锅拌饭 [S$6.50]. Mix up the shredded carrot, shredded cucumber, seaweed, marinated chicken and spicy gochujang. The different flavors and textures come together to create a beautiful dish. 

Ha-Jun Korean - Fried Dumpling
The Fried Dumpling 锅贴 [S$5 for 6 pieces, S$6 for 8 pieces] look so good on the menu so we ordered 6 pieces to try. The crispy exterior from deep-frying is nice but the amount of filling inside is pathetic. 


Ha-Jun Korean offers run-of-the-mill Korean dishes similar to Korean stalls you find in food courts. Don’t expect too much in terms of taste and you will love the cheap prices and varied selection.

A slightly tastier (and more expensive) option is Jinjja Chicken at the basement. 

Ha-Jun Korean 

Address: 3155 Commonwealth Avenue West, Clementi Mall #04-33, Singapore 129588

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