Honey Creme

Merilyn alerted me that Honey Creme, the popular soft serve ice-cream from Taiwan, has opened its first store at 313@Somerset. Being an ice-cream addict, I decided to see for myself what is so special about their soft serve ice-cream.
This is Honey Comb flavour, one of the store’s signature flavour. The idea of adding honey comb is innovative but I feel that the honey comb is too sweet, it overwhelms the ice-cream.
This is Organic Candy Floss flavour, which is fast becoming a favourite among patrons. The fluffy cotton candy is sprinkled with sea salt, when eaten together with a scoop of the milky-soft ice-cream, the sweet and salty taste is truly divine.

I thought it was kind of weird combining popcorn with ice-cream, but Honey Creme managed to make it work with Popcorn. The sweetness of the caramel popcorns, together taste so good with the milky-soft ice-cream and caramel syrup.
Honey Creme is flooded with people every day now but I believe people will start to lose interest once the novelty dies down. I definitely don’t mind having a cup when I am in the area but I probably will not head down to 313@Somerset especially for Honey Creme. 
Honey Creme
Address: 313 Orchard Road, 313@Somerset #01-37 (next to the taxi stand)
Telephone: 68848468
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm

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