Chinese Desserts

Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert (IMM)

Gone were the days when a dessert shop only sold desserts. Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert, a franchise of the famous dessert shop in Hong Kong, now offers a full dining menu that has everything from HK Wanton Noodle to dim sum. 

Japanese Scallop, Bailing Mushroom and Sliced Mock Abalone Noodle is one of the new dishes they were introducing. Wanton noodles with tasteless scallop and mock abalone. 

You get to sample two of Hong Kong’s famous desserts at one go with Seasme Paste with HK Carrot Cake. The carrot cake is a little salty and the sesame paste is a little watery.  
Sheng Kee Hong Kong Dessert is now no different from Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe. Singapore really does not need yet another Hong Kong cafe chain, it needs a shop that specializes in Hong Kong dessert. 
Addresses and opening hours of all 18 outlets in Singapore can be found here

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