Hotpot by Seoul Garden Group – Korean Hotpots and Bibimbaps

Hotpot by Seoul Garden Group is a new concept restaurant by the halal-certified Seoul Garden Group which has been around in Singapore for more than 35 years. 

Hotpot by Seoul Garden Group - Restaurant FrontThis new concept focuses on Korean soups, hotpots, bibimbap and jjiage sets. You can find the full menu here. Yes, Hotpot by Seoul Garden Group is halal-certified. 

Hotpot by Seoul Garden Group - Ginseng Chicken Hot Pot Ginseng Chicken Hot Pot [S$18] is a classic Korean soups never fails to warm me up. Fresh chicken is cooked with red dates, glutinous rice, wolfberries and Korean ginseng. The ginseng gives the soup a metallic taste which I do not like but the chicken soup is deeply flavourful. 

Hotpot by Seoul Garden Group - Duyu Beef Hot Pot

Duyu means “soy milk” in Korean and Koreans love soy milk. The Koreans believe that drinking soy milk has many benefits such as lowering blood pressure, helps with diabetes and improves cardiovascular health.

This is my first time seeing hotpot cooked with soy milk, this is another innovation of Hotpot by Seoul Garden Group. Duyu Beef Hot Pot [S$15] cooks thinly-sliced beef with various vegetables in soy milk broth. The soy milk broth makes this hotpot much richer and tastier but it can get a little overwhelming after while. 

Hotpot by Seoul Garden Group - Tteokbokki with Seaweed Yuba

This Tteokbokki with Seaweed Yuba [S$4] tastes so much better than the one I had at Jinjja Chicken (Clementi Mall). The rice cakes are soft and chewy, the kimchi is crunchy and I don’t even mind the spicy gochujang sauce that leaves my mouth on fire. 


Hotpot by Seoul Garden Group offers halal Korean hotpots, bibimbaps and banchan at affordable prices at 8 outlets spread across Singapore. 

You can find the addresses, telephone numbers of all 8 Hotpot by Seoul Garden Group outlets here.

Website: Seoul Garden Hotpot

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