Huang Tu Di Xi’An Delights 黄土地西安小吃

The different Chinese regional cuisines have become more popular in Singapore in the recent years. MEET Noodles specializes in Lanzhou noodles and Sik Bao Sin specializes in Cantonese cuisine. Adding to my list is a restaurant that specializes in xi’an cuisine called Huang Tu Di Xi’An Delights 黄土地西安小吃. 

Huang Tu Di Xi'An Delights - Restaurant FrontHuang Tu Di Xi’An Delights 黄土地西安小吃 is located in 321 Clementi, next to Saizeriya. Helmed by a xi’an native, Huang Tu Di Xi’An Delights has garnered quite a reputation for the authentic xi’an dishes it brings to our shores. You can find the full menu here

Without further ado, let’s take a took at the food in Huang Tu Di Xi’An Delights. 

Huang Tu Di Xi’An Delights – The Food

Huang Tu Di Xi'An Delights - Signature Beef Noodle

Even though the name says Signature Beef Noodles 招牌牛肉面 [S$8.50], xi’an cuisine is not known for beef noodles so don’t be expecting too much.

The noodles are too soft but generous in the serving size. The broth lacks the depth of flavor you find in MEET Noodles beef noodles but the huge chucks of beef are surprisingly soft and tender.

Xi’an cuisine is famous for their biang biang noodles. Instead of serving the noodles pre-mixed with all the ingredients, Huang Tu Di Xi’An Delights does it in bibimbap-style with the various ingredients laid on top of the noodles to be mixed up by yourself. 

You can choose either 3 In 1 Biang Biang Noodle 三合一 Biang Biang 面 [S$8.80] or 4 In 1 Biang Biang Noodle 四合一 Biang Biang 面 [S$9.80]. The 4-in-1 version gives you additional stir-fried pork belly.

Huang Tu Di Xi'An Delights - 4 In 1 Biang Biang NoodleThe 4 In 1 Biang Biang Noodle 四合一Biang Biang 面 [S$9.80] comes with tomato egg, zha jiang mian black bean sauce, stir-fried pork and blanched Chinese cabbage.

The tomato egg gives the dish tanginess while the zha jiang mian black bean sauce gives a little too much saltiness. The stir-fried pork belly provides a nice bite while the blanched Chinese cabbage  refreshes the palate. It usually comes with splash of hot oil but I asked for it to be removed. All the different flavors and textures coat the hand-pulled thick board noodles, making it an iconic noodles dish of xi’an cuisine. 

Huang Tu Di Xi'An Delights - Xi An Cold NoodleXi An Cold Noodle 秘制西安凉皮 [S$5.50] originated from Xi’An, Shaanxi. This translucent wide and flat noodles is usually made from wheat or rice flour.

It is usually eaten cold with an assortment of condiments which can include salty Chinese sesame paste, solidified gluten, mashed garlic, bean sprouts, vinegar, shredded cucumber and chilli oil. It is cold, sour and spicy, a refreshing treat in the hot summer heat. 

Huang Tu Di Xi'An Delights - Braised Pork Meat BunAnother iconic xi’an snack is Braised Pork Meat Bun 腊汁肉夹馍 [S$5.50]. This is the Chinese version of pulled pork bun. 

The bun is flattened leavened bread with hard outer shell and soft inner core. It taste like a cross between pita pocket and mochi bread. The meat inside is indulgently-meaty and slightly salty. Be careful of the oozing oil, this meaty juice is what makes it taste so amazing. 

Huang Tu Di Xi'An Delights - Featured ImageConclusion 

I have not been to Xi’An so I can’t comment on the authenticity of the food at Huang Tu Di Xi’An Delights. Xi’An or Shaanxi cuisine tends to be more salty and spicy than other Chinese cuisines.

Huang Tu Di Xi’An Delights 黄土地西安小吃

Address: 321 Clementi Avenue 3, 321 Clementi #02-08, Singapore 129905

Telephone: 69025580

Opening Hours: Daily 11am – 10pm 

Facebook Page:

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