Jia Zhi Wei 家之味 – Northeastern Chinese Restaurant in East

I realised that all the Northeastern Chinese restaurant that I have been to are all located in central and west parts of Singapore. So I especially searched on Google for a Northeastern restaurant in the East and one in Bedok called Jia Zhi Wei 家之味.

Jia Zhi Wei - Restaurant Front

Jia Zhi Wei 家之味 is hidden in a shophouse below a Bedok HDB flat. It is very convenient for folks living in the area, but a little hard to find for people who don’t live there

Jia Zhi Wei 家之味’s menu features the usual barbecue foods, Northeastern Chinese-style stir-fried dishes and noodles. If you can’t read Chinese, just order by pointing to the pictures in the menu for the English translations of the dishes are unintelligible. You will understand what I mean in a bit.

Jia Zhi Wei – The Food

The Three Fresh 地三鲜 [S$8] is a classic Northeastern Chinese dish that is made with three common ingredients – potato, eggplant/brinjal and bell pepper. As with most Northeastern Chinese food, it tends to be a little oily but it’s a great vegetable dish for those who don’t like green leafy vegetables.

Jia Zhi Wei - Egg Yolks For

I love another with salted egg and this Egg Yolk For 蛋黄焗虾 [S$24] is as good as it gets. The prawns are huge and succulent, which are generously coated with salty grainy salted egg sauce. This is a definite crowd-pleaser.

Jia Zhi Wei - Noodles

I have no idea why Noodles 炸酱面 [S$6] is translated as such when normally it is known as zha jiang mian or minced sauce noodles. I find the meat sauce a little salty which is normal for Northeastern Chinese food.

Jia Zhi Wei - Cold Noodles

This Cold Noodles is technically not in the menu but any respectable Northeastern Chinese restaurant is sure to have it for  it is such a classic noodle dish. The icy-cold sweet and sour soup pairs perfectly with the springy buckwheat noodles, perfect for Singapore’s hot weather.


Jia Zhi Wei 家之味 is perfect for those staying in the Eastern side of Singapore to try out some authentic Northeastern Chinese food such as barbecue foods, stir-fried dishes and noodles.

Jia Zhi Wei 家之味

Address: Block 59 New Upper Changi Road #01-1282, Singapore 461059

Telephone: 62467118

Opening Hours: Sunday – Friday 11am – 10.30pm, Saturday 11am – 11pm

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