Master He BBQ Restaurant 何师傅烤骨头

Master He BBQ Restaurant - Restaurant Front

Besides Chinatown, Geylang is another place where you can find many Northeastern-Chinese (东北菜) restaurants. The restaurant that I wanted to visit has closed down so I ended up having dinner at Master He BBQ Restaurant 何师傅烤骨头.

The Food

Master He BBQ Restaurant - Special Roasted Spine

Special Roasted Spine 特色烤棒骨 [S$4] is the speciality here. You have the grab the huge bone with your hand which is where the accompanying plastic glove comes in handy. There’s not much meat on the bone, which is heavily seasoned with a sweet sauce. I think I will like it better if it were seasoned with cumin powder like lamb skewers.

Master He BBQ Restaurant - Mutton Shashlik

Lamb Shashlik 羊肉串 [S$5 for 5 sticks] is just how I like it, the cumin powder making the lamb ever so tasty.

Master He BBQ Restaurant - Cream Polenta Cake

Corn Polenta Cake 玉米饼 [S$7] is a much more interesting alternative to the usual buns. These pancakes are made with ground cornmeal and have a natural sweetness.

Master He BBQ Restaurant - Northeast Cold Noodles

The cold sweet and sour Northeast Cold Noodle 东北大冷面 [S$8] is so perfect for Singapore’s sweltering weather, I’m suprised it’s not that popular. The noodles used is a special type of soba noodles that are super chewy.

Master He BBQ Restaurant

Address: 81 Geylang Road, Singapore 389199

Telephone: 69708858

Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 11am – 11pm, Sunday 11am – 11.30pm


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