The Dim Sum Place – Halal Dim Sums

The Dim Sum Place - Restaurant Front

Located near to Tipo Gnocchi is another halal restaurant that specializes in halal dim sum, The Dim Sum Place.

The Dim Sum Place - Menu

The Dim Sum Place has three outlets – Bugis, The Centrepoint and Changi City Point. You can find the menu on their website.

Dim Sum

The Dim Sum Place - Crystal Shrimp Dumpling

Har Gow or otherwise known as Crystal Shrimp Dumpling 水晶虾饺 [S$6.90 for 3 pieces] is every bit as good as the non-halal ones.

The Dim Sum Place - Chicken Feet with Special Sauce

I find their Chicken Feet with Special Sauce 酱皇蒸风爪 [S$6.90] a little too sweet for my liking but the chicken feet are steamed till so tender that the bones fall right off.

The Dim Sum Place - Chicken Siew Mai with Shrimp

Steamed Chicken Siew Mai with Shrimp 鲜虾鸡肉烧卖 [S$6.90 for 3 pieces] are so juicy and flavorful, I love stuffing a piece in my mouth and taste the explosion of flavors.

The Dim Sum Place - Vermicelli Roll Chicken Char Siew

Vermicelli Roll with Roasted Chicken Char Siew 烧鸡叉烧肉肠粉 [S$8.90] is every bite as good as the ones I have had at other dim sum restaurants. The vermicelli rolls are so smooth and silky which pairs beautifully with the sweet chicken char siew bits.

The Dim Sum Place - Molten Salted Egg Custard Bun The Dim Sum Place - Molten Salted Egg Custard Bun Inside

I simply cannot get enough of the Molten Salted Egg Custard Bun 凤凰流沙包 [S$6.90 for 4 pieces]. The flowy salted egg custard inside has the perfect balance between sweet and salty.

The Dim Sum Place - Steamed Milk Bun

I thought the Steamed Milk Bun 鲜奶馒头 [S$3.90 for 3 pieces] will have milk custard inside, but it turned out to be normal white buns. I feel a little cheated, don’t buy this unless you have too much money to spare.


The Dim Sum Place - Featured Image

The dim sums at Dim Sum Place are every good as good as their non-halal counterparts but the prices are a little more expensive.

The Dim Sum Place

You can find the addresses, telephone numbers and opening hours of all 3 outlets in Bugis, Centrepoint and Changi City Point here.

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