Milk & Honey (JEM)

Singapore has finally caught on the soft-serve ice-cream and frozen yogurt craze from Taiwan and Korea. First there was llaollao and next came Milk & Honey. 

You can either get one of the signature parfaits or you can design your own parfait with their huge selection of sauces and toppings. 

Royal Honey is one of the signature parfaits. Filled with honey jello and popcorn and drizzled with honey sauce, finally topped with ivory stick and honey financier. I like the sweetness of the frozen yogurt but it looks better than it tastes. The honey jello are tasteless and the popcorn is a little stale. Chocolate Divine seems to be a favorite among the patrons.
Apparently, they also have cakes and pastries which looks really promising but I did not see any display in the outlet.  

Addresses and telephone numbers of all 6 outlets can be found here

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