Ming Ji Chicken Rice – Chilled Steamed Chicken Rice

My friend has been raving to me about this chicken rice stall in Bishan and we are finally going there for dinner. 

Ming Ji Chicken Rice - Stall Front

Ming Ji Chicken Rice is hugely popular among Bishan residents, evident from the snaking long queues at meal times. 

Ming Ji Chicken Rice only sells Steamed Chicken 白斩鸡 [S$14 for Half Chicken, S$27 for Whole Chicken]. Roast chicken lovers will have to take a back seat here. 

Solo diners can get either Steamed Chicken Rice 白斩鸡饭 [S$3.50], Chicken Drumstick Rice 鸡腿饭 [S$4.50] or Chicken Thigh Rice 鸡尾饭 [S$6]. Additional rice costs S$0.50 per plate.

Ming Ji Chicken Rice - Top View 2


Ming Ji Chicken Rice is special because the steamed chicken is dunked in ice water until it is ready to be chopped up. The chicken is served cold. Shocking the chicken this way creates a layer of jelly underneath the skin, keeping the meat flavorful and succulent. The cold chicken goes extremely well with the steamed rice but the chilli sauce is too watery for my liking. 

Ming Ji Chicken Rice also sells 4 side dishes: Chicken Feet 鸡脚 [S$2/S$3/S$5], Bean Sprout 豆芽 [S$2/S$3/S$5], Oyster Sauce Vegetable 油菜 [S$3/S$4] and Chicken Organ 内脏 [S$2/S$3]. 

Ming Ji Chicken Rice only sells steamed (white) chicken rice and it is served chilled. 

Ming Ji Chicken Rice 

Address: 511 Bishan Street 13, Kim San Leng Coffee Shop #01-522, Singapore 570511

Opening Hours: Wednesday- Monday 10am – 9pm (closed on Tuesdays) 

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