Ms Durian – Mouthwatering Mao Shan Wang Durian Desserts

If you love to eat durians but prefer to have it in a nice environment with air-conditioning, I recommend Ms Durian.


This durian speciality bakery and cafe is the brainchild of Ling Goh and Jeslyn Tan. Ling Goh grew up in a family of durian sellers which cements her love for the king of fruits. She partners her baker friend, Jeslyn Tan and opened this dessert cafe in 2019.

The cafe started off as a humble bakery store in Potong Pasir in 2019, before moving to Jalan Besar during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021.


Ms Durian - Cafe Front

The building that houses Ms Durian used to be an old police station, no wonder it looks so stately. The cafe retains its mid-century brutalist interior. Ivory white walls interlace with stripes of textured walls gives the place a touch of grandeur.

Ms Durian - CourtyardThere is also an outdoor patio for alfresco seating. The outdoor seating are pet-friendly so you can bring along your furry friends too.

The Food

Ms Durian is after all a cafe, so they do offer some light bites such as pastas, mains and risotto but most people come here for the desserts.

The durian desserts are freshly-made everyday to ensure optimal freshness.

Ms Durian - Classic MSW Durian CakeThis is the Classic MSW Durian Cake [S$12.50 per slice] is perfectly decadent. The soft fluffy sponge cake works so well with the creamy durian filling.

Ms Durian - Whiskey MSW Durian Cake

It’s an ingenious idea to pair whisky with mao shan wang durian in Whisky MSW Durian Cake [S$14.50 per slice]. The whisky accentuates the bitter-sweetness of mao shan wang durian.

Ms Durian - MSW Creme BruleeCrème Brûlée with MSW Ice-Cream [S$18.50] turned out to be the best durian dessert. The crème brûlée is done well with a nice caramelized top. The mao shan wang ice-cream and peanut candy melds together wonderfully with the crème brûlée.

Ms Durian - Durian Coconut Milk PuddingDurian Coconut Milk Pudding [S$6.50] pales a little in comparison with the other desserts but it is still good. The pudding is smooth and creamy with slight coconut fragrance. People who are not used to the pungent mao shan wang taste can start off with this pudding.


It’s safe to say that I have been totally bought over by their durian desserts. Even though the prices are much higher than other dessert cafes, the superb quality will have you forking out the money willingly.

Do take note there is a time limit of 1 hour for ala carte orders, 1.5 hours for lunch and tea sets during peak hours between 1-5pm on weekends.

Ms Durian - Featured Image

Ms Durian

Address: 11 Kelantan Road, Jalan Besar, Singapore 208604

Telephone/WhatsApp: 69620057

Opening Hours: Closed on Tuesdays, Other Days 9am – 11pm


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