Lang Nuong Viet Nam – Authentic Vietnamese BBQ and Cuisine

Lang Nuong Viet Nam - Restaurant FrontI am familiar with Chinese hotpot, Japanese shabu-shabu, Korean BBQ and Thai mookata but I have not tried Vietnamese BBQ. A search on Google reveals that the one and only Vietnamese BBQ in Singapore is Lang Nuong Viet Nam in Foch Road.

I wanted to see what’s so special about Vietnamese barbecue, so I gathered a few of my friends to check it out.


Lang Nuong Viet Nam is decorated like a traditional roadside stall in Vietnam with walls in earthen color.

Lang Nuong Viet Nam - InteriorColorful paper lanterns hang from the ceiling, adding to the Vietnamese feel and warmth to the restaurant.

Lang Nuong Viet Nam - Low Tables and ChairsThe low metal tables and accompanying lime-green plastic chairs emulate the hustle and bustle of busy Vietnamese streets.

The Food

At Lang Nuong Viet Nam, the barbecue is cooked on bucket-shaped stove. Coils at the base ignite the charcoal, which in turn cooks the food on top.

Lang Nuong Viet Nam - Featured ImageWe ordered Premium Pork Belly (Ba Chi Heo [S$25] and Lamb Chop (Suon Cuu) [S$25] plus a plate of Mix Mushroom Set (Dia Nam Thap Cam) [S$15]. There is  no need to get additional vegetables as the meats comes with sides of vegetables such as mushroom and ladysfinger.

There are seafood options too such as Fresh Squid with Chilli Sauce and Fresh Tiger Prawns for barbecue.

It’s fun to barbecue the food by ourselves or you can get the staff to barbecue for you.

Besides Vietnamese barbecue, this Vietnamese restaurant also serves a mind-blogging variety of cooked Vietnamese street food. Many of these dishes I have only heard of but never got the chance to try.

Lang Nuong Viet Nam - Apple Snail with Vietnamese HamWe tried this Apple Snail with Vietnamese Ham (Oc Buu Nhoi Thit) [S$25]. I can only taste the ham with chewy bits which I assume is the apple snail.

Lang Nuong Viet Nam

Address: 18 Foch Road, Singapore 209260

Telephone: 92353548

Opening Hours: Daily 12pm – 11pm


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