Paradise Dynasty (VivoCity)

Paradise Dynasty is part of Paradise Group Holdings, a upcoming food company that has been fast expanding into Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Japan and Hong Kong.  

Shredded Potatoes with Capsicum 家乡凉拌土豆丝 is a tasty appetiser although the portion is too small. It is made with bean sprouts, celery strips, carrots strips, dou gan strips, mushroom strips, yellow bell pepper strips and potatoes strips.

This is the famous Signature Dynasty Xiao Long Bao 皇朝小笼包 which is the star of the restaurant. It comes in 8 intriguing flavours: (left to right) Crab (orange), Garlic (grey), Szechuan (pink), Ginseng (green), Foei Gras, (brown), Black Truffle (black) and Original (white). They are essentially Xiao Long Baos made with a dab of the special fillings sealed together with the pork filling and pork broth in skin of different colours made by adding food dyes. The novelty is probably what drives people to the restaurant but the flavours are not pungent enough to make a strong impression.

La Mian served with Double-boiled Chicken Soup 清炖鸡汤拉面 is a good choice if you are looking for something healthy. The noodles are just okay, but the double-boiled chicken soup is something else. Boiled many hours, the essence of the chicken has been fully absorbed, resulting in a smooth and luscious soup.

Opt for La Mian with Dried Shrimp and Scallion Oil (Dry) 干洋葱油拌拉面 if you want something simple. There is beauty in the simplicity.

La Mian with Sliced Pork 猪骨汤鲜肉卷拉面 is another signature of the restaurant. This is the Chinese version of the Japanese ramen. The pork slices are very fresh and tastes absolutely divine after being cooked by the heat from the soup noodles. However, the flavoured egg is too runny and the broth still lacks the robustness and creaminess of the Japanese ramen.   

Do drop by Paradise Dynasty when you are in VivoCity, if only to try the famous Signature Dynasty Xiao Long Bao. 

Addresses and operating hours of all 7 Singapore outlets can be found here.

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