Penang Street (Funan DigitaLife Mall)

 It was announced in The Straits Times that Funan DigitaLife Mall will be closed in the third quarter of 2016 so my doctors to decided to bring us to try a restaurant that is supposed to serve some very good Penang food. I was curious about the name of this Penang restaurant so I googled and found out that it is actually Penang Street. I have been to the outlet at NUH Medical Center and I can attest to the quality and authenticity of the food.


My colleagues are absolutely in love with the Peranakan design of the restaurant which brings about a sense of nostalgia. 
The Honey Chicken Wings are very well-marinated, the only thing is that the chicken wings are rather small and the meat are somewhat shriveled. Other than that, it is perfect as an appetizer.


Chicken Satay is really good! The chicken pieces has been very well-marinated and grilled to perfection. They taste exceedingly well when eaten with the peanut sauce that accompanies it. In fact, it is so good that we ordered another two more servings.


My doctor is full of praises for the Beef Rendang, but I am not very impressed. The rendang sauce is a lovely blend of coconut milk and spices, but the beef is rather dry.
Penang Char Koay Teow is still as good as ever. It is not too oily and they are very generous with the ingredients.



I didn’t get to try the Assam Laksa the last time so I was really looking forward to trying it at this outlet, but I was greatly disappointed. It is way too sweet, while the original assam laksa is supposed to be much more sour. The noodles are of the right texture and there is a generous of ingredients, but the overly-sweet broth ruins it all.


Signature Nasi Lemak is undeniably one of the best nasi lemak I have eaten so far. Nasi lemak is a common staple in Singapore and it seems unbelievable to make such a remark when there are many other famous nasi lemak in Singapore, but I am sure you will agree with me once you take a bite into that chicken thigh. The chicken tight has been marinated with turmeric to take away the gamey taste of poultry. Served with fragrant coconut steamed rice, egg, crunchy peanut and anchovy topped with Penang Street’s special homemade sambal ikan bilis and sambal mak mak, it is both satisfying and delicious.


Penang Street’s Cuttlefish with Kang Kong is especially good when the kang kong is fresh and crispy and topping the dish with crushed peanuts not only increases the aesthetic appeal, it also gives the dish a satisfying crunch.


Sago Gula Melaka is the embodiment of the phrase “simplicity is the best”. Crushed ice is sweetened with gula melaka (palm sugar) and topped with small opaque sago seeds. Nothing fanciful, just a very simple yet satisfying dessert.


Penang Cendol is the must-try dessert at Penang Street. Hidden below the tower of shaved ice is an assortment of ingredients such red kidney beans, green rice flour jelly and black jelly. The shaved ice is as soft as snow, sweetened with gula melaka (palm sugar) and coconut milk, is the best thing to have in Singapore’s humid weather.

Although some of the dishes have been customized to suit the Singapore palate, Penang Street is still a good place to get some decent Penang fare.

Addresses, telephone numbers and opening hours of all 3 outlets can be found here.

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