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Tsujiri was established in 1860 in Kyoto, Japan. The founder Riemon wanted to improve the tea industry. Armed with 150 years of heritage and dedication to using only matcha made from the finest Gyokuro tea leaves, Tsujiri is ready to take Singapore by storm.
Interior design and lighting at all Tsuriji outlets are taken care by Shozo Toyohisa, which explains the welcoming feel of the place. 

There are o-maccha, tea, latte, ice blended, float, sweet, soft ice cream, parfait and shaved ice. It’s amazing how many tasty treats the humble maccha can be made into! 

This is O-maccha Float (Vanilla) where vanilla soft serve ice-cream sits on top of a cup of ice-blended maccha. I enjoy the smoothness of the soft-serve ice-cream but I do feel that it is a little too soft, or maybe it is just testiment to Singapore’s humid weather. I like that the maccha is not too bitter, but some may feel that it’s too sweet. 
You can order a piece of cake or various other sweet treats from the cake counter to go with your maccha drink. If I am not wrong, there is a O-maccha Castella Set promotion going on now, where you get to have a piece of Castella (also known as honey cake, one of the most classic Japanese dessert over many centuries) with a choice of Signature O-maccha (Hot/Cold), O-maccha Capucinno (Hot only) or Yuzu O-maccha (Cold only) for just $8.80. This promotion is limited to 10 sets per day, so get it while stock last! 
Are you in love with Tsujiri yet? 
Address, telephone numbers and opening hours of all 4 outlets in Singapore and 1 outlet in Malaysia can be found here. 

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