Pepper Lunch Restaurant (JEM) – DIY Australian Steak from Just S$17.90

Pepper Lunch (JEM) - Restuarant Front

Pepper Lunch has always been my go-to place for quality steak. It has been a long time since I last had a good steak at Pepper Lunch (Tampines One) and I have been craving for it. Pepper Lunch has opened an outlet in JEM, I can finally get my steak craving fixed. 

Pepper Lunch does not allow table reservation, you will just have to queue and wait in line. Apparently I am not the only one who loves Pepper Lunch. There is a perpetual queue outside Pepper Lunch (JEM) especially during lunch and dinner hours.   

I have tried their Prime Tender (Australian Beef) 160g and Pepper Steak (Australian Beef) 130g [S$17.90] which are tender and juicy. There is also Diced Cut Beef (Australian Beef) for those lazy to cut their steak and Beef Hamburg with Egg for Japanese flavours. 

Pepper Lunch (JEM) - The Giant

Today I want to go all in and treat myself to The Giant (Australian Beef) 230g. Look at that huge steak, thoughtfully cut into strips to facilitate cooking. Spread the accompanying margarine and start grilling! Even though it is thoroughly cooked, the beef is still so juicy! I am loving it!

The accompanying mashed potato, corn, mushroom and broccoli refreshes the palate. 

Pepper Lunch (JEM) - Haagen Dazs Ice-Cream

Complete your meal with either 1 drink + 1 side dish/ice-cream or 1 drink + 2 side dish/ice-cream. I opted for green tea and Haigen Dasz ice-cream. 

Pepper Lunch Restaurant 

You can find the addresses of all Pepper Lunch Restaurants and Pepper Lunch Express outlets on their website

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