Pohang Seafood & Butchery – Live Octopus in Singapore

I have been wanting to try the live octopus that is so famous in Korean. Yes, I am talking about the live octopus that is till wiggling when you eat it. I thought I have to go to Korea for that until I discovered a restaurant that sells live octopus in Singapore –  Pohang Seafood and Butchery.

The Restaurant

Pohang Seafood & Butchery - Restaurant FrontPohang Seafood & Butchery is located in The Hillford, a private proerty in Upper Bukit Timah with commercial shops. There are bus stops outside and opposite the restaurant but it is a little inaccessible.

There are both indoor and outdoor seats. If you intend to barbecue meats, outdoor seats might be a better option.

Pohang Seafood & Butchery - Pohang Butchery

You have to get the meats for barbecue at Pohang Butchery next door. There are only a few choices of wagyu available:

Pohang Seafood & Butchery - Meats

  • Wagyu Short Ribs 300g [S$58]
  • Wagyu Rib Eye 300g [S$50]
  • Wagyu Thin Skirt/Thick Skirt 300g [S$50]
  • Marinated Wagyu Beef [S$45]

The Food

You can find the full menu on their Facebook Page. The Korean sashimi sets are very popular, or you can order ala carte sashimi, seafood, stews, salads, braised dishes as well as drinks.

Pohang Seafood & Butchery - Menu

We decided to go for the Flat Fish + Salmon Set [S$170 for 2 person, S$210 for 3 person, S$250 for 4 person].

Pohang Seafood & Butchery - Side DishesThe side dishes arrives first. There are kimchi, pickled green beans, tofu, salad, kimchi pancake, cheese corn and seaweed soup.

Pohang Seafood & Butchery gives free live octopus if you spend more than S$200. Sadly, they ran out of live octopus so they offered us sliced boiled octopus instead. I guess I will just have to come back another time for the live octopus.

Pohang Seafood & Butchery - Salmon Sashimi

This is the huge plate of salmon sashimi that comes with the set. Each piece of the salmon sashimi is so wonderfully thick and fatty that they literally melt in the mouth.

Pohang Seafood & Butchery - Abalone SashimiI don’t really like the abalone and surf clam sashimi. The abalone has a fishy taste and the surf clams are totally tasteless.

Pohang Seafood & Butchery - Flatfish SashimiThis is flatfish sashimi. I don’t really like it because it is very bland but it is one of the more exotic sashimi here.

Pohang Seafood & Butchery - Pork BellyWe also bought and grilled some meats. Personally I find the meats a little too expensive. The only thing I recommend getting are the thick pork belly which tastes so good when eaten in wraps.

Pohang Seafood & Butchery - StewThe meals ends with this huge pot of seafood stew. It looks fiery red but it is actually only mildly spicy.


Pohang Seafood & Butchery - Featured ImagePohang Seafood & Butchery is an authentic Korean sashimi and barbecue restaurant. This is the only place in Singapore where you can try live octopus and other exotic Korean seafood.

The sashimi sets are good for sharing among big groups of people, otherwise you are better off getting ala carte dishes.

Pohang Seafood & Butchery

Address: Jln Jurong Kechil, The Hillford #01-52 182, Singapore 596152

Telephone: 63650309

Opening Hours: Closed on Mondays; Tuesday – Sunday 12pm – 3pm, 5pm – 10.30pm

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