3 Monkeys – Awesome Burgers and Craft Beers

I recently went on a hiking trip in Singapore which ended with dinner at a fusion restaurant called 3 Monkeys.

There is a signboard outside the restaurant that says this restaurant serves Singapore-brewed craft beers. I was intrigued so I decided to check out this trendy little restaurant.

3 Monkeys - InteriorIt’s a riot of colors from the colored neon lights on the walls. I love the monkey-themed decor of the restaurant which brings a cheeky vibe. You can find posters of King Kong, Monkey God and many others.

3 Monkeys – Food

The food at 3 Monkeys is a mix of fusion Western dishes with burgers and pastas.

3 Monkeys - Traditional Chicken ChopTraditional Chicken Chop [S$13] is one of the most popular dish at the restaurant. The chicken chop is tender and juicy, plus you get to choose the sauce and two sides.

3 Monkeys - Big Bird BurgerApparently, the Big Bird Burger [S$18] is so huge that two person can share one. The combination of XL fried chicken cutlet, homemade slaw, bacon, big bircheddar, tomato, lettuce and smoked chiptole mayonnaise is quite a sight.

3 Monkeys - Black Beauty Beef BurgerAnyone who loves a goof beef burger will love the Black Beauty Beef Burger [S$19]. That black pepper crusted patty with bacon, Swiss cheese, truffle jam, truffle mayonnaise and black pepper sauce hits all the right spots. I love the fragrant aroma of truffle that elevates the whole burger experience.

3 Monkeys - King Kong Beef BurgerAnother beef burger option is King Kong Beef Burger [S$18]. This glorious beef burger comes with bacon, cheddar, fried egg, jalapeños, caramelized onions and chiptole mayonnaise.

3 Monkeys – Drinks

3 Monkeys - Craft Beer MenuYou can order craft beers at the bar counter. The craft beer menu are written on black plagues below the red neon “凉茶” signage.

3 Monkeys - 1 Night in CologneThis is 1 Night in Cologne [S$11] by Alive Brewing Co. It is exactly as the description says: floral, malty, refreshing.

There are many non-alcoholic options available. Homemade Lemon Tea and Strawberry Lychee Iced Tea are crowd favorites, there is also a good selection of teas and coffee.

3 Monkeys - Chunky MonkeyThey also have some superb milkshakes, such as this Chunky Monkey [S$8.50]. Doesn’t chocolate ice-cream with frozen bananas, vanilla ice-cream, nutella peanut butter topped with crunchy malt balls sounds absolutely divine?

3 Monkeys

Address: 112 Pasir Panjang Road, Singapore 118544

Telephone: 64713224

Opening Hours: closed on Mondays, Tuesdays – Sundays 11.30am – 3pm, 6pm – 10pm

Facebook Page:

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