Qin Ji Rougamo – New Rou Jia Mo Restaurant in Clementi Mall

Qin Ji Rougamo - Restaurant FrontJust when I thought Clementi Mall is getting stale and Qin Ji Rougamo opened in Clementi Mall.

Roujiamo or rougamo is a popular street food from Shaanxi that is gaining popularity in Singapore in recent years.

Qin Ji Rougamo - MenuQin Ji Rougamo focuses only on rougamo and Shaanxi rice noodles with a small selection of sides and drinks.

Qin Ji Rougamo - Rougamo and Rice NoodleThere are 6 rougamo variations to choose from. The signature is Qinji Pork Rougamo 秦记肉夹馍 [S$6.50] while my favorite is Cumin Pork Rougamo 孜然肉夹馍 [S$6.50]. There is also a Healthy Vegetable Rougamo 健康蔬菜馍 [S$5.90] for the health-conscious and vegetarians.

The buns are baked upon order with super crispy exterior and stuffed with meat of your choice. The combination of flaky bun with juicy meat and bell peppers paired with hot rice noodles makes for a satisfying meal.

Qin Ji Rougamo - Pickled Cabbage Fish with Rice NoodleQin Ji Rougamo’s rice noodles all tend to be a little salty. My favorite is Pickled Cabbage Fish with Rice Noodle 酸菜鱼米线 [S$10.80] while my colleague really enjoyed Sour & Spicy (Potato Noodle) with Pork Mix 秦记酸辣粉 [S$9.80].

Qin Ji Rougamo - Set CThere are also sets available which gives pairs a bowl of rice noodle with a rou jia mo and a drink.

Qin Ji Rougamo - Crispy PorkThere are 4 side dishes and I really like the Crispy Pork 小酥肉 [S$7.90] which are pieces of bite-sized pork fried to perfect crispiness and drizzled with a slightly spicy powder. It’s only slightly so spicy, even a non-spicy eater can take the heat.


Qin Ji Rougamo

Address: 3155 Clementi Avenue West, The Clementi Mall #03/23-24, Singapore 129588

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 11am – 9pm

Facebook Page:

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