Ramen Champion (Bugis +)

Located at the top floor of Bugis +, Ramen Champion houses 6 ramen heavyweights, each serving different types of ramen in different presentations. Shodai Koji, Menya Ryu, Riki, Kazuo Yamagishi, Buta God and Mendokoro Aoi. 
Bario’s signature ramen is Ajitama Ramen. Thick and flavourful broth is complimented by thick and flat yellow noodles, copious amount of crunchy bean sprouts and cabbage, runny flavoured egg, and three pieces of thick chashu. Sadly, Bario is no longer with Ramen Champion.

Tonkotsu Itto’s Special Tonkotsu Ramen is done Hakata-style, which is considered as one of Japan’s top three styles of ramen (the other two are Tokyo and Sapporo). Hakata ramen uses noodles that are white and straight and firm in texture. Chopped kikurage (wood-ear mushroom), flavoured egg, chashu and negi (green onions) compliments the ramen. Sadly, Tonkotsu Itto is no longer with Ramen Champion.

Menya Ryu’s Sapporo Special Miso Ramen retains the original flavour of Sapporo. 3 types of miso is used to create the slightly thick broth, together with thick yellow noodles, chashu and flavoured egg, creates Sapporo’s famous miso ramen. 
Ramen Champion houses a total of 11 ramen heavyweights, spread across three outlets. Ramen Champion is definitely the best place to try out different types of ramen without having to run around Singapore.
Bugis +
Address: 201 Victoria Street, Bugis + #04-10
Telephone: 62381011
Opening Hours: Daily 11.30am – 10.30pm

Great World City
Address: 1 Kim Seng Promenade, Great World City #01-11
Telephone: 62351295
Opening Hours: Daily 11.30am – 10.30pm

Changi Airport Terminal 3
Address: 65 Airport Boulevard, Changi Airport Terminal 3 #B2-58
Telephone: 62142958
Opening Hours: Daily 10.30am – 11pm

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