Tom’s Palette

Contrary to believe, Tom’s Palette was founded by couple Chronos Chan and Eunice Soon. Chronos had a polytechnic friend named Tom, who did not believe that a ice-cream shop can survive in Singapore. Chronos named the shop Tom’s Palette to remind himself of what his friend said.  
Tom’s Palette has been creating and serving homemade ice-cream since 2005. This shop specialises in creating unique ice-cream flavours using ingredients you would never imagine. There is ice-cream made of popping candy (Melt ‘n’ Sizzle), coconut (Salted Coconut) and floral tea (Lavender). You can find a list of some of the popular flavours here
At Tom’s Palette, you can have your ice-cream in a variety of ways.

Tables are decorated with drawings and photos of happy customers, giving the place a relaxing and playful vibe. 

I ordered Waffles with 2 of their most popular ice-cream flavours, Grandma’s Favourite and Salted Egg Yolk. The Belgian-style waffles are freshly-baked and served with foam named Espuma. The ice-cream is velvety-smooth and sweetness of the ice-cream is greatly enhanced by the slightly salty Espuma foam.It would have been perfect if the waffles had been a little more buttery and dense.

With 27 flavours of ice-cream to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice.
Chronos let me try a flavour they are working on at the moment, which is made with shoyu and sesame. It tastes a little like salted caramel ice-cream with a very strong sesame taste. They have not come up with a name for it yet, I think I shall call it Open Sesame for now.

Chronos and Eunice have created more than 140 flavours till date and they continue to create amazing flavours that aims to bring back fond memories. A new flavour is introduced each month, which is announced on their Facebook page. They are working on exciting festive flavours for the upcoming Chinese New Year such as Pineapple Tart and Luo Han Guo.

Tom’s Palette
Address: 100 Beach Rd #01-25 Shaw Tower S(189702) 
Telephone: 6296 5239
Opening Hours: Monday -Thursday 12pm – 9.30pm; Friday – Saturday 12pm – 10pm; Sunday 1pm – 7pm (closed on the last Sunday of the month)


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