Sandai Izakaya 三代居酒屋 – Japanese Pub in Novena

Sandai Izakaya - Restaurant Front

I have always thought izakaya are only for drinking but a recent business lunch at Sandai Izakaya in Novena made me realize these Japanese bars actually sell decent Japanese food.


Sandai Izakaya - Sirauo Karaage

Shirauo Karaage [S$6.90] are deep-fried white bait fish. These crispy treat are perfect with beer or other alcoholic beverages.

Sandai Izakaya - Tori Karaage

Nothing beats Tori Karaage [S$8.90] when it comes to appetizers. These Japanese fried chicken pieces are so crispy, they crackle when you bite into them.

Sandai Izakaya - Sandai Signature Gyoza

Sandai Signature Gyoza [S$9.90 for 8 pieces] gives you two pieces of Ebi Gyoza, Yuzu Pepper Gyoza, Cabbage Gyoza and Curry Gyoza. Each gyoza is expertly pan-fried to a golden-brown crispiness, giving them a satisfying crunch with each bite.

Sandai Izakaya - Salmon Overload Roll

For something a little more substantial, there are sushi rolls such  as Salmon Overload Roll [S$14.90]. It comes with crabstick and avocado wrapped in sushi rice and seaweed, topped with aburi salmon and ikura.

Sandai Izakaya - Salmon

There also sashimi such as Salmon [S$9.90 for 5 pieces] which come in thick slices.


Sandai Izakaya - Abura Wagyu Soba

Sandai Izakaya takes the humble soba up a notch by adding premium wagyu beef. Abura Wagyu Soba [S$26.90] is dry soba topped with seared wagyu beef. I find the dry soba a little salty but the wagyu beef makes this worth it.

Sandai Izakaya - Signature Wagyu Beef Don

There is also a rice version, Signature Wagyu Beef Don [S$26.90]. The rice version is less salty with the same succulent pieces of seared wagyu beef.

Sandai Izakaya - Rainbow Chirashi Don

There are also other dons available such as Rainbow Chirashi Don [S$19.90]. The salmon, cucumber, tamago, tuna and avocado cubes are fresh and crunchy while ikura topping gives the dish a premium touch.

Sandai Izakaya

Address: 103 Irrawaddy Road, Royal Square @ Novena #01-05, Singapore 329566

Telephone: 63520200

Opening Hours: Daily 11.30am – 12am


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