The Marmalade Pantry (Oasia Hotel Novena)

Marmalade Pantry (Oasia Hotel Novena)The cosy and contemporary design of Marmalade Pantry (Oasia Hotel Novena) makes it a good place for business lunch and dinner or catch-up with family and friends.

The menu is short and concise with something for everyone.


Marmalade Pantry (Oasia Hotel Novena) - Truffle FriesYou can’t go wrong with Truffle Fries [S$16] which has a strong truffle fragrance thanks to the truffle oil it is fried in. Sprinkle on a little parmesan cheese and parsley for added pleasure.

Marmalade Pantry (Oasia Hotel Novena) - Spicy Garlic PrawnsI was worried that Spicy Garlic Prawns [S$25] will be too spicy for me but it’s only slightly spicy with a lovely aroma from the extra virgin olive oil.


Marmalade Pantry (Oasia Hotel Novena) - Ribeye SteakWho can resist 250g of this grass-fed Argentina Ribeye Steak [S$45]. I am amazed at how tender the meat is even at medium-well doneness. It comes with fried smashed potatoes, grilled beans and mushroom cream sauce.


Marmalade Pantry (Oasia Hotel Novena) - The Marmalade Mac & CheeseI was craving for something cheesy and The Marmalade Mac & Cheese [S$25] hits all the right spots. The macaroni is baked with truffle cream and three types of cheese (blue cheese, mozzarella and parmesan). No wonder it has such a robust cheesy flavor.

Marmalade Pantry (Oasia Hotel Novena) - Truffle Mushroom Risotto
Truffle Mushroom Risotto
[S$26] is as every bit as indulgent as it sounds. The truffle paste and parmesan cheese makes this pasta so aromatic.

Marmalade Pantry (Oasia Hotel Novena) - Spicy CrabmeatFor something with a bit more heat, try Spicy Crabmeat [S$29] where pine nuts and parmesan cheese adds different flavors to the tomato-base pasta.


Marmalade Pantry is well-known for their delicious cakes.

Marmalade Pantry (Oasia Hotel Novena) - Berriolette ShortcakeBerriolette Shortcake [S$12 per slice] is a simple cake of vanilla sponge cake with berriolette jam and fresh blueberries. This is everyone’s favorite.

Marmalade Pantry (Oasia Hotel Novena) - The Marmalade Carrot CakeThe Marmalade Carrot Cake [S$12 per slice] comes with a delicious cream frosting. This cake has a very homely taste which I love.

Marmalade Pantry (Oasia Hotel Novena) - Old Fashioned Chocolate CakeOld Fashioned Chocolate Fudge Cake [S$12 per slice] is indeed very chocolatey and fudgy but it is also too sweet for my liking. Two mouthfuls is all you need to feel overwhelmed.

Marmalade Pantry (Novena)

Address: 8 Sinaran Drive, Oasia Hotel #01-02/04, Singapore 307470

Opening Hours: Daily 11.30am – 10pm

Marmalade Pantry (ION)

Address: 2 Orchard Turn, ION Orchard #01-11A, Singapore 238801

Opening Hours: Daily 10am – 10pm

Marmalade Pantry (Anchorpoint)

Address: 370 Alexandra Road, Anchorpoint Shopping Centre #01-23/24/25/35/36, Singapore 159953

Opening Hours: Daily 11am – 10pm

Marmalade Pantry (Downtown)

Address: 100 Peck Seah Street, Oasia Hotel Downtown #01-01, Singapore 079333

Opening Hours: Daily 11.30am – 10pm


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