Say Chiizu – New Hokkaido Cheese Toast Outlet in Suntec City Mall

Although Say Chiizu’s most popular product is Hokkaido Cheese Toast, Say Chiizu is actually from Thailand. 
Hokkaido Cheese Toast is named so because Say Chiizu bought premium cows and machinery necessary to make this popular snack from Japan. 
Say Chiizu - Stall Front
Hokkaido Cheese Toast became popular after its successful marketing campaign on Facebook and other social media. When it finally came to Singapore, Singaporeans went crazy over the instagramable cheesy toast. 
Say Chiizu - Promotion 
There are currently 5 Say Chiizu outlets in Singapore and this one in Suntec City Mall is the latest. Sporting the brand’s bright yellow color scheme, it is pretty impossible to miss this shop located on the second floor of the West Atrium. 
Say Chiizu - Packaging
Say Chiizu - All 5 Flavours
Hokkaido Cheese Toast come in 6 flavors: Original, Strawberry, Matcha, Charcoal, Hazelnut and Chocolate. There is currently a promotion going on at the newly-opened Suntec City Outlet where you get to sample all 6 flavors at one go for $18.80. 

The stretchy cheese is made by combining 3 types of cheese which are produced by the Japanese cows reared on their own farm in Thailand. This combination of cheeses gives Hokkaido Cheese Toast its unique taste and stretchiness. 

Although there are 6 flavours, I find there is actually not much difference from one flavour to another. The stretchy cheese inside is the same, the only difference is the colour of the bread. 

Besides Hokkaido Cheese Toast, Say Chiizu has also come up with SayChiizu Cheese Drinks and SayChiizu Cheese Snacks, but I don’t see these at the outlet in Suntec City Mall. Are the drinks and snacks available in other outlets in Singapore? 

Say Chiizu (Suntec City Mall)

Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall #02-375/376, Singapore 038983
Telephone: 87544655

The addresses and opening hours of the 4 other outlets can be found here.

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