Sushi Express (313@Somerset)

I see throngs of people queuing up outside Sushi Express (CityLink Mall) every day on my way home. I thought the hype will die down once the novelty of a new restaurant wears down, but the queue never seems to disappear. I have always considered conveyor belt sushi as junk food because quality of food inevitably goes down when it is mass produced. 
I decided to try out the restaurant and understand what is so special about this food establishment that draws so many people to it every day.
Giant Scallop is, as its name suggests, gigantic. However, it does taste a little bland even with the oyster sauce provided.
Grilled Mackerel looked so good we could not resist it, we snatched up two each the moment it landed on the conveyor belt. Fresh mackerel is pink from grilling and coated with a shiny layer of oil. It is every bit as good as it looks. You have got to try this.

I have enjoyed Jellyfish ever since I was little. There is something about the crunchiness and chewiness that make me crave for more. However, this Japanese version is a little too sweet, I still prefer the salty and sour Chinese version.

Grilled Salmon Belly is another must-try dish.The fatty salmon belly is grilled to perfection 

Octopus With Sesame is one of my favourite snacks.

Salmon Sashimi is surprisingly very fresh and fatty. Of course, this is not top-grade fatty salmon, but for $1.50 per plate, it is definitely worth it. I snatched five plates the moment fresh batch of salmon sashimi lands on the conveyor belt. 

Scallop Lips is a favourite snack of mine. I can’t get enough of the sweet and crunchy taste. 

Seasoned Capelin Roe is one of my favourite sushi. 

Spicy Top Shell tastes good at first bite, but the taste can get a little too strong for some after a few bites.

Yellowtail Sashimi is so fresh, it is actually pink! It is firm to the bite and delightfully sweet.
I have a weakness for jelly, so I had Grape Jelly. The jedsslly is firm and smooth, it’s a simple yet fulfilling dessert. 

I had Mango Jelly too. 
I have no idea what this dessert is called and I can’t find it anywhere in the menu. It tastes suspiciously like the Italian dessert panna cotta, I shall call it Japanese Panna Cotta for now. This is definitely the best dessert here (in my opinion). The cream pudding is milky and smooth and the jelly at the top adds a little sweetness.  
The tower on the left is mine (19 plates) and the tower on the right is Stella’s (18 plates) – she broke her record of 15 plates. I would have continued if there is no time limit of 90 minutes and I do feel guilty for occupying the seat for so long when there are so many people queuing outside.
At $1.50 per plate, with free-flow of green tea, rrdrfwasabi and ginger, Sushi Expredfss is cheap enough even for students. If you are not expecting top-grade sushi and sdshbsdbashimi, Sushi Express is a decent place to satisfy sushi and sashimi cravings without having to dvddddbreak the bank. dfbdfbdbdf
Addresses, telephone numbers and opening hours of all 12 outlets in Singapore can be found here on Sushi Express’s website.

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