Ichiban Boshi – Horrible Experience

I am fairly certain I have eaten at Ichiban Boshi at least once or twice when I was younger and I don’t remember any terrifying experience so I decided to give the Suntec City outlet a try on one of the days when I felt like eating out for lunch but don’t know what to eat.

Chirashi Jyu is salmon, tuna, swordfish sashimi and salmon roe on sushi rice bowl. This is definitely the worst chirashi I have ever eaten! The sashimi are not fresh at all, the meat are meshy and taste suspiciously sour. 
Although the quality of food is important in determining if a restaurant of acceptable standard, I feel that service is equally important. I was made to wait for 10 minutes before I could get anyone to take my order when the restaurant is not even full. I was seated at the sushi counter and the seat to my left was empty when I sat down. A lady sat down to my left shortly after. Her order was taken 5 minutes after she sat down and there is no trace of my order after she has gone through half her meal. I asked a staff to help me check if my food is ready. My order was miraculously brought to me in one minute, which can only mean they forgot to serve me my order. On top of the waiting and disastrous food, they forgot to give me the miso soup that was supposed to be part of the meal. After I have managed to force the food down, not because I want to but because I don’t want to waste the food no matter how horrible it tastes, all I wanted to do was to get out of this hellish place. 
Not only has Ichiban Boshi failed in delivering food of acceptable standard, they have failed miserably in service delivery.
Stella says that Ichiban Boshi are not very good with their sashimi and seafood but they are good for bentos and cooked food. I probably will visit Ichiban Boshi again to test the accuracy of that statement, but it will be a good few months before I will be able to muster up the courage to step into Ichiban Boshi again. 
Please find addresses and telephone numbers of all 10 Ichiban Boshi outlets here

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