Sushi Express (CityLink Mall)

At $1.50 per plate, Sushi Express’s affordability and dedication to freshness and quality of food makes Sushi Express my first choice whenever I get a sushi craving.
After a delicious introduction to Sushi Express by Stella at the 313@Somerset outlet, I am here to try out the CityLink Mall outlet.

Wet tissue to wipe your hands and pre-packed wasabi.
There is free-flow of green tea in the form of sachets, but I prefer Genki Sushi‘s green tea powder because the taste is more authentic.
Tuna Sashimi
Salmon Sashimi
Sashimi are fresh and plump.
Boiled Shrimp

Boiled Squid 
Sliced Unagi
Mocked Abalone
I really enjoyed the Mocked Abalone. I would never have guessed that it is not real abalone because it tastes as good as the real abalone.
Hana Maki
Salmon Floss Roll
Stella introduced me to Hana Maki and I have fallen in love with it at first bite. Pop the whole thing in your mouth and your entire mouth will be filled with fresh salmon sashimi, mayonnaise adds to the richness and sushi rice makes the meal complete. I could eat this all day, every day.
Grilled Salmon Belly
Raw Scallop
Salmon Roe

Scallop Lips
Teriyaki Scallop

Vinegared Gizzard Shad
There is a pretty decent selection of Nigiri and I feel that Grilled Salmon Belly deserves a special mention. Salmon belly is the fattiest part of a salmon and it is exactly the fats that make this sushi so tasty. Grilling causes the fats to melt, so it literally melts in your mouth.
“Japanese Panna Cotta”
Glazed Sweet Potatoes
Stella told me that Glazed Sweet Potatoes are a speciality of the CityLink Mall outlet and they are a delight to eat. The sweet potatoes are sweet, the glazing adds a sweet and hard shell. The contrast between the soft interior and slightly-harder exterior is interesting.
I have learnt from personal experience and Stella that the location of your seat is of utmost importance when dining at Sushi Express. If you are lucky to be seated just in front of the sushi counter, you can get the freshest plates once they are out. 
Addresses, telephone numbers and opening hours of all 12 outlets in Singapore can be found here on Sushi Express’s website.

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