Sushi on Wheelz (CityLink Mall) – Japanese Street Food

Sushi on Wheelz has come to Singapore, bringing popular authentic Japanese street snacks to Singapore.

Oden is a Japanese winter dish where ingredients such as boiled eggs, daikon, konjac and processed fishcakes are stewed in a light, soy-flavored daikon broth. Given Singapore’s tropical climate, oden is not very popular in Singapore, it was such a delightful surprise when I saw  that Sushi on Wheelz sells oden, displayed using traditional Japanese push-cart too! The oden is priced at $0.70 per piece or you can get 7 pieces at $4.50. Top up $1 for udon, which is really worth it. The udon are silky smooth and tastes heavenly when paired with the slightly sweet daikon broth. 

There are four push-carts at the left side of the oden cart that displays an amazing array of sushi. All the sushi are freshly-made and the best part is the price! 4 pieces of Salmon Hana Maki for just $3.50? That is definitely a steal!

Sushi on Wheelz also sells burger, wrap and moffle (mochi rice pound cake shaped like a Belgian waffle) in the following flavors: Salmon Mentaiko, Teriyaki Chicken, Curry Pork and Honey Mustard Beefy. 

Sushi on Wheelz’s Mochi Lollipops are available in both savory and sweet flavors. Savory flavors include Hot & Spicy, Nacho Mayo, Wasab-Mayo Salmon Skin, Bacon Cheese, Mentaiko Cheese and Salmon Mentsiko and sweet flavors include Maple Cashew, Matcha Azuki, Milky Cereal, Milky Oreo, Mr. Dinosaur and Nutella Marshmellow. Made with premium glutinous rice, the mochi lollipop are sticky and chewy, a delightful way to end a meal. 
I have totally and absolutely become a fan of Sushi on Wheelz thanks to the wide variety and affordable prices. 

Sushi on Wheelz 
Address: 1 Raffles Link, CityLink Mall #B1-61

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