Pepper Lunch (Tampines One) – Premium Ribeye Steak At Affordable Price

When Pepper Lunch first arrived in Singapore, it created such a stir and there’s a Pepper Lunch restaurant in almost every shopping mall. 
A few years has passed by, the Pepper Lunch craze has passed and  Pepper Lunch outlets are disappearing one by one. 
I was meeting a friend at Tampines One when I spied a Pepper Lunch outlet and I knew that I simply had to dine there. 

Pepper Lunch’s signature premium ribeye steak has been renamed The Giant. You can choose between 180g and 200g but anyone who can do simple calculations will agree that topping up a few dollars for an extra 40g is definitely worth it. The meat is well-marbled and juicy, cut into strips and served on a hot plate, the tender meat happily sizzling away. Pour in the speciality brown sauce if you want, but I personally think that it is perfect as it is. 200g of premium ribeye steak at just $21.90 is such a steal and it is the one thing that keeps me coming back for more. 

If you are not a meat lover, there are chicken and seafood options available, such as Salmon Pepper Rice. Add in the sauce of your choice and you have got yourself a nice meal. 
Pepper Lunch is one of my favourite places to get a good steak at affordable price.  
You can find addresses, telephone numbers and opening hours of all outlets here but I am not sure about the accuracy of the site (I am pretty sure the Ang Mo Kio outlet has either moved or closed down). 

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