Tamago-EN (Velocity @ Novena Square) – Japanese Egg-Themed Restaurant

Located next to Wok Hey, I saw Tamago-EN everytime I picked up my food at Wok Hey.

Tamago-EN - Restaurant Front

Its white and orange decoration gives the restaurant a clean and cheerful atmosphere which I like.

Tamago-EN is an egg-themed restaurant, they only use eggs from a Singapore-approved egg farm in Okinawa. The chickens are fed a nutritious diet which results in healthy eggs with beautiful yellow yolk.

Tamago-EN - 5-Kind Japanese Omelette Skewer

5-Kind Japanese Omelette Skewer [S$8.80] is a far cry from the delicious freshly-made tamagoyaki I had at Tsukiji Market, but you do get to try 5 different flavors – Tomato Sauce, Seaweed Paste, Salmon Flake & Ikura, Cod Roe & Mayonnaise, Crab Meat.

Tamago-EN - Smoked Salmon Egg Benedict Set

Tamago-EN also offers all-day breakfast, Japanese-style of course. This is Smoked Salmon Egg Benedict Set [S$13.80] which comes with two fat Arabiki sausages and a small salad. The hollandaise sauce is creamy with just the right amount of tang but the onsen egg is a little overcooked. It should be runny, but the egg yolk I got was almost solid. 

There is also Bacon & Spinach Egg Benedict Set [S$13.80] if you are not a fan of smoked salmon. 

Tamago-EN Oyako Don

Tamago-EN Oyako Don [S$12.80] is the restaurant’s signature dish but I am not blown away. The egg omelette is delicious, but the chicken pieces could do with a little marination and the Japanese rice is slightly undercooked. 

Tamago-EN - Berry Souffle Pancake

I am a sucker for soufflé pancake, so when I spotted Berry Soufflé Pancake [S$13.80] on the menu, I knew I had to get it. The soufflé pancakes themselves are to-die-for, they are so soft and fluffy. But the berry syrup is too sweet that it disrupts the softness of the pancakes. There is also Banana Chocolate Soufflé Pancake [S11.80] and Pineapple Tapioca Pearl Soufflé Pancake [S$12.80] to choose from. 

Tamago-EN - Homemade Egg Pudding

Tamago-EN - Homemade Egg Pudding
Tamago-EN’s Homemade Egg Pudding [S$3.80] is freshly-made in-house everyday. It is so rich and creamy and so absolutely luscious,  it makes me want to dance with every mouthful. 

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Tamago-EN (Novena Square) 

Address: 238 Thomson Road, Novena Square #01-89, Singapore 307683

Telephone: 62613393

Tamago-EN (NEX) 

Address: 23 Serangoon Central, NEX #02-K5/K6, Singapore 556083

Telephone: 67333789

Tamago-EN (Tampines Mall) 

Address: 4 Tampines Central 5, Tampines Mall #B1-10, Singapore 529510 

Telephone: 69708533


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