Tamjai Samgor Mixian – Create Your Own Mixian

I was in Chinatown Point a few days ago with colleagues and we went looking a place for dinner when we saw Tamjai Samgor Mixian.

Tamjai Samgor Mixian - Restaurant Front

The first Tamjai Samgor Mixian opened in 2008 in in Hong Kong. The combination of 3 fragrances, 3 spices, 7 taste, 8 flavors  and 9 freshness has captured the heart of many in the 12 years.

Tamjai Samgor Mixian – The Food

As the name suggests, Tamjai Samgor Mixian specializes in mixian which is a type of rice noodles from Yunan Province, China.

You can create your own mixian by choosing the ingredients, soup base and spiciness.

Tamjai Samgor Mixian - Herb Chicken Mid-WingsThe Herb Chicken Mid-Wings 新疆百草鸡翼 [Small S$4.80, Large S$5.80] did more to reduce my appetite than whet it. Sprinkled with a herb blend that I can’t quite figure out, the chicken wings are bland and tasteless. Avoid at all cost.

Tamjai Samgor Mixian - Tomato

Tomato soup base with your choice of vegetables and meats is the safest best for non-spicy eaters. The tomato soup is sweet, tangy and appetizing as promised.

Tamjai Samgor Mixian - Hell Fire

This is the infamous Hell Fire soup base. Somehow it looks more yellow than the angry red color I imagined. My spicy-loving colleagues comments that it is neither very spicy nor numbing, but the aftertaste is quite strong. Try at your own peril.

You can find the addresses of all 6 Tamjai Samgor Mixian restaurants in Singapore here.


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