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Teddy & Me – British Theme Cafe

Teddy & Me is a theme cafe revolving around Mr Bean, a popular British sitcom starring Rowan Atkinson as the famous Mr Bean. Not only can you watch your favorite Mr Bean episodes on the televisions in the cafe, you can indulge on specially-crafted artisan ice-cream flavors such as Beanie Triple Chocolate and Macadamia Caramel.  

The restaurant is decked out in contemporary British decoration, a mix of bright red sofa corner seats and sofas with British flags, complete with black and white checkered flooring and the famous red telephone booth. 
The menu includes Snacks such as Potato Wedges, Onions Rings and Hawaii Pizza and there is a All Day Brunch Special that includes Beef/Chicken Lasagne, Beef/Chicken Pie and Teddy Beef/Chicken Bolognese, not to mention Sundaes, Cakes and Waffles. 

The photo on the menu does not do justice to the Thai Chicken Wrap. I was rather worried that I am going to get some leathery-hard wrap that is either too salty or totally devoid of taste, but I was pleasantly surprised by well-marinated chicken pieces and oozy mozzarella cheese wrapped in a soft wrap. 

I like the cream frosting of the Rainbow Cake and the colors of the layers are beautiful, but the sponge cake could do with a little more moisture. 
Caramel Milkshake may not be the best I have had, but it is salty and creamy, and with additional whipped cream on top, makes it one hell of a drink. 
Teddy & Me is a British theme cafe that rides on the popularity of Mr. Bean. Although the menu is rather limited and the food is not too awe-inspiring, Teddy & Me promises a dining experience like no other. I would like to suggest that they come up with some true British foods, because they are an eatery after all and no one is going to patronize a cafe that does not serve good food, no matter how gorgeous the decorations are. Also, please do something about the menu, it’s shameful to have a menu of sheets of paper in clear folder, featuring off-color photos. 
Teddy & Me
Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square #02-207A

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