The Manhattan Fish Market (Suntec City) – Truly Disappointing

I have dined here with my ex-boyfriend a few months ago and it was horrible. I vowed never to visit The Manhattan Fish Market ever again, but I am out with Doctor Chong and two of my colleague, one of which don’t eat beef and pork. That limits our choice to basically … nothing. This is one of the few options we are left with, so I decided to go along with it. I shouldn’t condemn a restaurant based on just one bad experience, perhaps that is only because it was lunch hour and the restaurant is short-staffed?
Soup of The Day tastes like it came straight out of a canned soup. It is tasteless and watery.
I remember that I ordered Mediterranean Baked Fish, so why is my fish “swimming” in garlic and herb sauce? Shouldn’t baked fish be dry? Garlic Herb Rice is distasteful, both in appearance and in taste. It tastes like the rice was just fried with salt, and the rice is so hard I had a difficult time swallowing.

I can’t and I shall not generalise the quality of food all all The Manhattan Fish Market outlets, but I can say that the quality of food at the Suntec City Mall outlet is atrocious. I am never going back there again.

Please find address, telephone number and opening hours of all 16 outlets here.

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