Tokyo Chopped Salad (Millenia Walk) – First Japanese Chopped Salad Brand in Singapore

Tokyo Chopped Salad (Millenia Walk)
Tokyo Chopped Salad at Millenia Walk is the first Japanese chopped salad brand store in Singapore. The unique Japanese-inspired dressings used in Tokyo Chopped Salads are specially crafted by award-winning chef Teppei Yamashita, who is also behind Teppei Japanese Restaurant, Teppei Syokudo and Man Man Unagi Restaurant. 
As the name suggests, the salads at Tokyo Chopped Salad are all chopped up before being served in a plastic bowl and you only have to eat with a spoon, which makes consumption much easier and a lot less messy. 
Tokyo Chopped Salad (Millenia Walk)
Tokyo Chopped Salad (Millenia Walk)
Tokyo Chopped Salad (Millenia Walk) - Menu
Tokyo Chopped Salad (Millenia Walk) - DIY Order Form
You can either choose one of the signature salads or create your own salad masterpiece by choosing the base, a protein, 4 toppings and dressing crafted by chef Teppei Yamashita. 
Tokyo Chopped Salad (Millenia Walk) - Drinks

Tokyo Chopped Salad (Millenia Walk) - Healthy Fruit Infused Water

Tokyo Chopped Salad (Millenia Walk) - Power Pack
Besides regularly canned drinks and mineral water, Tokyo Chopped Salad also sells Healthy Fruit Infused Water. This one I have here is called Power Pack [$3], fruit infused water of strawberries, cucumber, lime and mint leaves. 
Tokyo Chopped Salad (Millenia Walk) - Edamame Soup
Tokyo Chopped Salad has recently added soups to its menu. There are two choices to choose from Edamame Soup and Pumpkin Soup, which can be added to form a set by topping up $3.50. This is the Edamame Soup, a thick soup where you can really taste the sweetness of the edamame. 
Tokyo Chopped Salad (Millenia Walk) - Mentai Teriyaki Chicken Salad
Mentai Teriyaki Chicken Salad [$13.80] is a very classic salad, the only thing that sets it apart is the mentai caesar dressing which lends a saltiness and creaminess to the otherwise boring salad. 
Tokyo Chopped Salad (Millenia Walk) - Kaisen Salad
Kaisen Salad [$16] is great for those who love having fresh marinated sashimi with their salads. The original dressing that comes with the salad is wasabi but I really don’t like the pungent wasabi so I had it changed to mentai caesar dressing.  Sitting on top of a bed of chopped romaine lettuce, cherry tomato and cucumber are chunky bites of marinated salmon, tuna and mackerel. I do wish that the seafood can come in bigger chunks like those in Teppei Syokudo’s Kaisendon. 
Tokyo Chopped Salad (Millenia Walk) - Premium Beef Tataki Salad
For something a little more indulgent, order the Premium Beef Tataki Salad [$14.80]. Tataki means “raw or lightly seared” in Japanese and the sliced wagyu beef in this bowl hits all the right notes. The beef is cooked yet tender, sliced and laid on top of a bed of chopped salad of shiitake mushrooms, red onions, broccoli, snow peas, wakame, quinoa, brown rice and romaine lettuce.
Tokyo Chopped Salad is a great place for a spot of healthy lunch or dinner, especially for those working in and around Millenia Walk. If you who do not work in the vicinity, Tokyo Chopped Salad can be ordered via delivery with Deliveroo, Foodpanda and UberEATS. You can also pre-order and bulk order by reaching them at 62660152 or
Tokyo Chopped Salad 
Address: 9 Raffles Boulevard, Millenia Walk #01-105
Telephone: 62391945
Opening Hours: Daily 11 am – 9 pm

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