Tony Roma’s (Suntec City) – Closing Down Promotion

Tony Roma was established in 1972 in North Miami. It has been serving its signature ribs and steaks for more than 40 years. Tony Roma’s Suntec City outlet is one of the longest-standing restaurants in Suntec City. 
Yet, whenever people are looking for ribs and steak restaurant, Tony Roma is nowhere near the top choice. Have people simply forgotten about Tony Roma or has Tony Roma’s lost its touch? 
Tony Roma will cease operation in Suntec City after its lease is up in January 2019. As a token of appreciation to its patrons, Tony Roma is offering 30% and 25% off on all ala carte items on Mondays – Fridays and Saturdays- Sundays respectively. The promotion is valid from 15 October to 30 November. 
This closing-down promotion has given me the much-needed push to make me try out Tony Roma’s.

Tony Roma (Suntec City) - Restaurant Side View

Tony Roma (Suntec City) - Interior

Tony Roma (Suntec City) - Menu Stand

Besides the ribs that it is supposed to be famous for, Tony Roma’s menu also has starters, soups and salads, steaks, chicken, burgers and sandwiches and desserts.  

There is certainly no lack of variety in Tony Roma’s menu.

Tony Roma (Suntec City) - Super Value Set Lunch

Tony Roma’s outlet at Suntec City offers Super Value Set Lunch sets with 2 choices for 2 persons and 3-4 people.

Priced at $28-$40++ for Set Lunch for 2 and $60-65++ for Set Lunch for 3-4, I find it a tad expensive. 

Tony Roma (Suntec City) - St. Louis Ribs

This is Tony Roma’s signature The Original Baby Back Ribs [$26.90 for Half Rack, $41.90 for Full Rack] in Original sauce.

You can choose to pair your ribs with one of the three sauces: Original, Carolina Honeys and Bacon BBQ. 

The ribs are very well-marinated, I can taste the sweetness in every bite. The ribs comes from the loin nearer to the back, which makes it leaner. The only problem is, there isn’t much meat on the bones. I originally wanted to get the TR Ribs Trio [$41.90] because I wanted to try all the three sauces at one go, but I was worried that I cannot finish it. Looking at the miserable ribs, I am not sure if the full rack will be rough for me. 

Tony Roma (Suntec City) - The Original Baby Back Ribs

Those who like fattier ribs can opt for St. Louis Ribs [$24.90 for Half Rack, $39.90 for Full Rack]. These ribs are larger and meatier with more natural marbling. 
All ribs and combos (except Family Feast) are served with two side dishes. You can choose from the following: cole slaw, baked potato, mashes potatoes, french fries, ranch style beans, rice or broccoli. The baked potato arrived at my table only barely warm, it has evidently been left outside for quite some time. The potato is well-baked, but the cheese is already hardened, yet another sign that it is definitely not freshly-prepared. 
The brocolli that came in a bowl, decorated with a few equally miserable-looking pieces of carrot slices. The broccoli is hardly cooked and it took me great willpower to stuff it down. 
The food at Tony Roma’s is rather pricey, especially when I can get twice the amount of meat for just a few more dollars at Morganfield’s (Suntec City) just a short walk away. 
I can see from the food that Tony Roma’s Suntec City outlet is nothing but an empty shell. 
If anyone wants to try Tony Roma’s food for yourself, please email me at hello@hungryghost to get a copy of the email promotion. 
Tony Roma’s (Suntec City)
Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall #B1-007, Singapore 038983
Telephone: 63379055
Singapore Website:

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