Two Men Bagel House (Royal Square) – Mouthwatering Bagels in Novena

Two Men Nagel House - Restaurant Front

I happened to see Two Men Bagel House’s post on Instagram one day, those bagels looked so tempting. I have been dying to try their bagels ever since.

Due to the enhanced social distancing measures in response to the covid-19 epidemic, my company can only operate in one location.

Relocating to Novena means that I can finally get to try Two Men Bagel House’s bagels! Let’s go!

Two Men Nagel House - Preparation

Two Men Bagel House’s bagels are all spun in-house, hand-rolled, slow-proofed and baked every morning. You can choose from 7 types of bagels – plain, salt, sesame, cheese, multigrain, garlic and blueberry. The blueberry bagel is especially popular, it was sold out every time I visited. 

Schmears are just your choice of bagel with your choice of spread – Whipped [S$4], Scallion [S$5], Salmon & Dill [S$5], Harissa Mint [S$5], Berries & Honey [S$5], Butter [S$3], PBJ (Peanut Butter & Jam) [S$4.50], CCJ (Cream Cheese & Jam) [S$5] and Marmite & Egg [S$6]. 

Breakfast bagels are exactly as the name suggests, breakfast in bagel form.

Two Men Nagel House - Beckie

Beckie [S$10] has all my favorite ingredients – scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, cheddar and garlic. No wonder it is one of the most popular item on the menu. Just look at that gooey cheddar and the perfectly scrambled eggs.

Two Men Nagel House - Winner

I never knew that hash-brown goes so well in a bagel together with in-house made sausage, cheddar, scrambled egg and secret sauce until I had Winner [S$12]. The hash-brown and sausage gives the bagel a nice crispness while the scrambled egg and cheddar provides creaminess and the secret sauce brings everything together perfectly.

If you are a meat lover, you should definitely check out the Heavy Hitters on the menu.

Two Men Nagel House - Primal

For the beef-lovers, go for Primal [S$14]. The beef brisket is smoked in-house, it is tender and full of flavor. Paired with chimichichurri sauce, cheddar and charred peppers, this bagel is bursting with flavors and utterly delicious.

Two Men Nagel House - Warthog

Pork-lovers will enjoy Warthog [S$14] where the pork belly is grilled in-house to perfection. Together with cabbage slaw and barbecue sauce, it makes for a terrific meal. 

Two Men Bagel House’s bagels are a little pricey, but the bagels are so good that you won’t mind spending a little more. 

Two Men Bagel House 3 outlets in Singapore – Novena (where I went), Tanjong Pagar and Holland Village. You can find the addresses and telephone numbers of all 3 outlets here. The menu is different at each outlet, it’s worthwhile going to the different outlets to try the different bagels.


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