Sutha’s Cafe – Spicy South Indian Briyani and Super-Expensive Pratas

After having tried delicious briyanis at Islamic Restaurant and Singapore Zam Zam, I have developed a taste for nasi briyani.

Sutha's Cafe - Restaurant Front

I really wanted to try Bismillah Biryani’s briyani but I can’t go to the restaurant due to the circuit-breaker measures. I didn’t want to pay for delivery charges so I opted to satisfy my briyani craving from Sutha’s Cafe near my workplace 

Sutha's Cafe - Menu
Sutha’s Cafe serves meal sets, noodles, rice, dosai, briyani and curries. 

Sutha's Cafe - Mutton Briyani

I go for Mutton Briyani [S$8.50] every time but there are also Chicken, Boneless Chicken, Fish and Vegetarian options.  

This is definitely the spiciest briyani I have had so far. The taste of the spices are so pungent that it totally overwhelmed the mutton. The briyani rice itself is full of spice too. 

Sutha's Cafe - Display

An Indian colleague explained to me that Sutha’s Cafe serves mostly South Indian dishes which tend to use more spices than North Indian cuisine.

Sutha's Cafe - Roti Prata

These are the most expensive pratas I have ever had. 2 Eggs Pratas and 1 Mushroom and Cheese Prata cost me a whooping S$13. What’s more, the menu does not have prices for pratas, I suspect they overcharge to make up for their loss during this circuit-breaker period.

This is the first time and the last time I will ever eat at Sutha’s Cafe. I can tolerate spicy South Indian briyani but I will not tolerate unfair pricing no matter how bad your business is. 

Sutha’s Cafe 

Address: 103 Irrawaddy Road, Royal Square #01-12, Singapore 329568

Telephone: +65 69090945

Opening Hours: Daily 8.30am – 9.30pm

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