Waker Chicken X Oppa Grill – Halal Korean Stall in Tampines

Gone are the days when Muslims are restricted to Swensens and fast food such as Burger King and 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken. Halal-certified restaurants of various cuisines have been popping up in Singapore in the past few years. There is Cajun on Wheels from PasarBella (Suntec City) for seafood and Sedap Dan Sihat Steam Pot Delicacy for the halal version of steamboat.


I have recently reviewed halal-certified Omoomo Food Concepts (Suntec City) last week. Carrying on the search for halal-certified Korean eateries, I decided to check out Waker Chicken X Oppa Chicken in Tampines.


Located in a small coffeeshop at Tampines Street 21, Waker Chicken X Oppa Grill is not exactly the easiest place to find. There is a saying that “good food is worth waiting for”, right? Well, this Korean stall in Tampines is well-worth the extra calories burned. 

As the name suggests, Waker Chicken X Oppa Grill is a collaboration between Waker Chicken and Oppa Grill. The stall in Tampines features two menu in one, so you can order from both menus without having to queue up again. 


Waker Original [$13 for Half Chicken (7 pieces) / $25 for Whole Chicken (14 pieces)] is the signature fried chicken here. What amazes me about the chicken is how big they are. I have eaten at 4Fingers Crispy Chicken before and these are twice the size. The outside is satisfyingly crispy with crushed peanuts for extra fragrance while the meat inside is tender and juicy.

There is also Waker Hot Spicy [$13 for Half Chicken (7 pieces) / $25 for Whole Chicken (14 pieces)] and Waker Soy/ Soy Fire and Waker Sweet Spicy / Sweet Fire [$14 for Half Chicken (7 pieces) / $27 for Whole Chicken (14 pieces)].


Popularised by Korean dramas, ramyeon has become one of the most iconic Korea foods, and Waker Chicken X Oppa Grill has it in 3 flavours. This is the original Man’s Ramyeon XL [$4.50+] which can be customised with additional ingredients such as Mock Meats [$1], Chicken [$1.50], Beef [$2], Mutton [$2] or Seafood [$2.50]. 
There is also Kimchi Ramyeon XL [$5+] and Oppa’s Rabokki XXL [$5.50+]. 
Among all the Korean stews available, the most popular and well-known is the Army Stew (Bundae Jjigae) [$18]. You can top-up with ingredients such as Vegetarian Mock Meats [$3], Chicken [$4], Beef [$5], Mutton [$6] and Seafood [$7]. You have a choice of Traditional (no sugar) and Modern (sweet) broth. The portion is just nice for one person if you are having it alone. 
Oppa Grill also offers Korean barbecue with Table Grill Set [$20-24], Grill & Soup Set [$23-$27] and Hotpot Set [$27-$31] for 2 persons. There are 10 soup flavours to choose from and top-up platters at affordable prices. 
Waker Chicken X Oppa Grill may be a little hidden in Tampines, but the generous portions and affordable pricing makes the trip worth it. You be able to sample the delicious Korean dishes you saw in Korean dramas. Waker Chicken X Oppa Grill is fully Muslim-operated, so Muslim friends can eat without worry. 
Waker Chicken X Oppa Grill
Address: Block 201c Tampines Street 21 Singapore 523201
Opening Hours: Daily 10.30am – 9.45pm

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