Wang Family Kitchen – $18.90 Nett Korean Buffet

Wang Family Kitchen - Restaurant FrontWang Family Kitchen serves Korean buffet, but it’s not Korean barbecue buffet.

Instead, it is a a buffet of cooked Korean dishes and side dishes. The dishes and side dishes change everyday, you can find out the menu of the day from their Instagram and Facebook Page.


Wang Family Kitchen is located on the ground floor of Hillview Community Club. Unless you live in the area, you probably won’t know about this place.

It’s next to Domino Pizza, the huge red signboard above the door make it easy to find this restaurant. There are both indoor and outdoor seats.

Wang Family Kitchen - InteriorThe interior is clean and bright ample seating. The wooden table and green plastic chairs reminds me of school canteens.

The Experience

Wang Family Kitchen - Bottled WaterOnce you enter the restaurant, a kind-looking ajusshi (Korean word for “uncle”) brings you to a table and give you a bottle of mineral water with a cup.

Wang Family Kitchen - BuffetSince Covid started, they have stopped allowing customers to take their own food from the buffet table.

They will bring each customer a tray filled with 2 main dishes, 7 side dishes, a bowl of soup and a bowl of Korean rice.

This gives you a taste of everything, you can ask for unlimited servings of any of the dishes.

Wang Family Kitchen - Korean BuffetOn the day I visited the main dishes were Yangnyeom Chicken and Tteokbokki. The side dishes were Stir-Fried Seaweed Stem, Seasoned Fried Chicken, Pork Stirfry, Homemade Mashed Potato, Fried Squid Rings, Korean Pancake with Vegetables and Rolled Omelette.

Wang Family Kitchen - DessertsDessert was 2 pieces of watermelon and a homemade waffle. I especially like the waffle which is chewy inside.

I like Wang Family Kitchen’s concept. It’s like Korean school lunch with unlimited servings.

Wang Family Kitchen

Address: 1 Hillview Rise, Hillview Community Centre #01-04, Singapore 667970

Opening Hours: Daily 11.30am – 3pm, 5.30pm – 9pm

Facebook Page:

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