Wrap & Roll – Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine

If you are ever in NUH to visit relatives or friends, you won’t have to worry about having nothing to eat. Besides being a world-class hospital and medical centre, the National University Hospital also features many food options such as a big Kopitiam at the ground floor of the inpatient wards. The opening of the Kent Ridge Station on the Circle Line exposed the basement of the National University Hospital Medical Centre where many tantalizing treats await.
Today I would like to introduce you to a Vietnamese restaurant tucked in a corner of the basement called Wrap & Roll.






Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio (Rice Vermicelli with Grilled Pork & Deep Fried Spring Rolls) is almost identical to Saigon Baguette’s Dry Noodle with Grilled Pork & Spring Roll but with grilled sliced pork instead of grilled pork balls. I prefer Saigon Baguette’s grilled pork balls which are chewy and moist while Wrap & Roll’s grilled pork slices are a little tough. Sauce-wise, I prefer Wrap & Roll’s which is a little milder.


I was surprised to find a French dessert in a Vietnamese restaurant and the staff explained to me that the French governed Vietnam in the 18th century so there is strong French influence in Vietnamese cuisine. I was curious so I ordered a Banh Flan to try and I didn’t really like it. Flan is a French dessert of steamed egg and milk that is very similar to the Italian panna cotta. This is my first introduction to flan so I have no idea if this is how it’s supposed to be, but it is a little tough and bland for my taste.
Vietnamese food is known for the use of fresh ingredients, minimal use of oil and diary and the reliance on herbs and spices for refreshing dishes, all of which you can experience at Wrap & Roll.
Addressees, telephone numbers and opening hours of all four outlets are available here.

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